About the Anniversary

In 2018 we celebrate the semicentennial of UiT - the Arctic University of Norway. In the half century since Stortinget (the Norwegian National Assembly) enacted the establishment of a university in the northern region of Norway, UiT has firmly established its stature as a world-class, multidisciplinary university. In doing so, it has become the driving force of the north for the advancement of education and knowledge, not only within the region but nationally and internationally. While 2018 provides a milestone opportunity for us to celebrate these many achievements, it also allows us to demonstrate the important role, and significant contributions, that UiT has accomplished in the fields of research, education, innovation and knowledge dissemination. And it also provides an opportunity to illustrate the bright future that awaits our institution and the faculty, staff and students that drive us forward.

As early as October 10. 1918, the influential merchant from Mo I Rana, Hans A. Meyer wrote in the newspaper Tidens Tegn that the only thing that could salvage Northern Norway's lack of civil servants and public officials was a university in Tromsø. Still, another 50 years would pass before Stortinget enacted the establishment of a university in Tromsø in 1968. Later, the University of Tromsø has changed its name and become UiT the Arctic University of Norway. In its first year, only 420 students were admitted. But since then, the university has experienced an enormous growth, and today it hosts 16,000 students at 10 different campuses. In 2018, the 50th anniversary is marked as the beginning of the continuation of Northern Norway's largest educational institution -UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

The Anniversary Committee

The University Board has decided the scope and purpose of marking the 50th anniversary. Accordingly, the following committee has been appointed:

Anne Husebekk, Headmaster-Chairman
Nora Kiil, Project Manager and Secretary
Marit Anne Hauan – Vice-Chairman
Asbjørn Bartnes, KSA – Department of Communication and Public Relations
Per Pippin Aspaas, UB – University Library
Arnold Schytte Blix, BFE – Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries, and Economics
Tore Brox-Larsen, NT-fak – Faculty of Science and Technology
Ingeborg Harsten, HSL – Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Cathrine Paus, TMU – Tromsø Museum, the University Museum
Ørjan Olsvik, Helsefak – Faculty of Health Sciences
Stig Harald Solheim, JUR – Faculty of Law
Kjell Magne Mælen, Kunstfak – Faculty of Fine Arts
Charlotte Thingelstad, IRS – Faculty of Sports, Tourism, and Social Work
Bjørnar Storeng, IVT – Faculty of Engineering, Science, and Technology
Kjetil Nilsen – Campus Harstad
Siri Arntzen, Student representative
Hanna K. Bakke-Jensen, Student representatives

Contributors to the Anniversary Web page

History timeline: Magnus Andersson
Profiles: Kjetil Nilsen, Randi Solhaug, Mathilde Torsøe, Henriette Leine Wangen
The Pioneer's profiles are based on interviews done by Docent Emeritus Eivind Bråstad Jensen from 2008-2010, in relation to UiT's 40th anniversary. Pioneers from all the research areas are represented. Bråstad Jensen and Assistant Chief Librarian Sigmund Nesset were responsible for the selection.
Alumni: Siri Beate Arntzen, Kirsti Seljenes
Development/Design: Espen Dalmo
Editor: Karine Nigar Aarskog

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