Arctic blue polygon pattern

UiT Faculties and units

  Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics
  Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
  Faculty administration at Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics
  Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
  Institute of philosophy and first semester studies
  Faculty administration at HSL-fak
  Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
  Faculty Administration IVT
  Faculty of Science and Technology
  Department of Technology and Safety
  Faculty administration at Science and Technology
  Faculty of Health Sciences
  Department of Medical Biology
  Department of Community Medicine
  Department of Health and Care Sciences
  Faculty administration at Health Sciences
  Faculty of Law
  The Arctic University Museum of Norway and Academy of Fine Arts
  The University Library

UiT Management and administration

  The University Management
  Ombud ved UiT
  Department of Property management
  Department of Information Technology
  Financial and Organization Divison
  Research, Education and Communication Division

UiT University board