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Rethinking the future of coastal fisheries

Researchers from the UiT and partners think service design to improve safety and profitability in the jigging fleet.

How to get the best performance from female footballers

We know a lot about how to get high performing male footballers. The Female Football Centre is going to find out what works for women.

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen awarded the Mohn Prize for her important role in climate change research

Of particular importance is her leadership and initiative in ice core research in Greenland.

The Centre for the Law of the Sea at UiT lives on

September 1, 2019 marked the six-year anniversary of the 36 million NOK donation by the K.G. Jebsen Foundation that created the K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea at UiT. That funding period has come to an end, but the centre will continue as The Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea, at UiT. 

The University Library: - We want to be even better

Would you like better lighting in the library? How about more places to do group work? Or a better selection of literature and databases? Now you have a golden opportunity to give your feedback to the University Library.

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