Bilde av Plaza-Faverola, Andreia
Bilde av Plaza-Faverola, Andreia
Department of Geosciences +4777645702 Tromsø NATURF 3047

Andreia Plaza-Faverola

Associate professor

Job description

Researcher on fluid flow and gas hydrate dynamics at continental margins with a special interest on the physical processes that control seafloor methane seepage.  

Group leader and principal investigator in the SEAMSTRESS project ( - Tromsø Research Foundation (TFS) and Young Talent Frinatek (NFR) grants. 

 Teaching “Integrated Geological and Geophysical Interpretation” (GEO3138/8138)

Representative member for permanent scientific staff at the Faculty board (2022-2026) and group leader at the Depertment of Geosciences (2021-2022)

  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Sunny Singhroha, Wei-Li Hong, Kate Alyse Waghorn, Amando Putra Ersaid Lasabuda et al.:
    Gas Hydrate Related Bottom-Simulating Reflections Along the West-Svalbard Margin, Fram Strait
    Springer Nature 2022 DOI
  • Kate Alyse Waghorn, Joel E. Johnson, Stefan Bünz, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Malin Waage :
    Svyatogor Ridge—A Gas Hydrate System Driven by Crustal Scale Processes
    Springer Nature 2022 DOI
  • Przemyslaw Domel, Sunny Singhroha, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Vera Schlindwein, Hariharan Ramachandran, Stefan Bünz :
    Origin and Periodic Behavior of Short Duration Signals Recorded by Seismometers at Vestnesa Ridge, an Active Seepage Site on the West-Svalbard Continental Margin
    Frontiers in Earth Science 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Hariharan Ramachandran, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Hugh Daigle :
    Impact of Gas Saturation and Gas Column Height at the Base of the Gas Hydrate Stability Zone on Fracturing and Seepage at Vestnesa Ridge, West-Svalbard Margin
    Energies 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Remi Elie Celestin Vachon, P. Schmidt, Bjorn Lund, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Henry Patton, Alun Lloyd Hubbard :
    Glacially Induced Stress Across the Arctic From the Eemian Interglacial to the Present—Implications for Faulting and Methane Seepage
    Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2022 DATA / ARKIV / DOI
  • Pierre-Antoine Dessandier, Jochen Knies, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Camille Labrousse, Martin Renoult, Giuliana Panieri :
    Ice-sheet melt drove methane emissions in the Arctic during the last two interglacials
    Geology 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Matthias Christian Daszinnies, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Øyvind Sylta, Stefan Bünz, Rune Mattingsdal, Are Tømmerås et al.:
    The Plio-Pleistocene seepage history off western Svalbard inferred from 3D petroleum systems modelling
    Marine and Petroleum Geology 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Nikolitsa Alexandropoulou, Monica Winsborrow, Karin Andreassen, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Pierre-Antoine Dessandier, Rune Mattingsdal et al.:
    A Continuous Seismostratigraphic Framework for the Western Svalbard-Barents Sea Margin Over the Last 2.7 Ma: Implications for the Late Cenozoic Glacial History of the Svalbard-Barents Sea Ice Sheet
    Frontiers in Earth Science 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Wei-Li Hong, T Pape, C. Schmidt, Haoyi Yao, K. Wallmann, Andreia Plaza-Faverola et al.:
    Interactions between deep formation fluid and gas hydrate dynamics inferred from pore fluid geochemistry at active pockmarks of the Vestnesa Ridge, west Svalbard margin
    Marine and Petroleum Geology 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Adrien F. Arnulf, James Biemiller, Luc Lavier, Laura M. Wallace, Dan Bassett, Stuart Henrys et al.:
    Physical conditions and frictional properties in the source region of a slow-slip event
    Nature Geoscience 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Kate Alyse Waghorn, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Joel E Johnson, Stefan Bünz, Malin Waage :
    Crustal processes sustain Arctic abiotic gas hydrate and fluid flow systems
    Scientific Reports 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Nabil Sultan, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Stefan Bünz, Jochen Knies :
    Impact of tides and sea-level on deep-sea Arctic methane emissions
    Nature Communications 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Sunny Singhroha, Stefan Buenz, Andreia Aletia Plaza Faverola, Shyam Chand :
    Detection of gas hydrates in faults using azimuthal seismic velocity analysis,Vestnesa Ridge, W-Svalbard Margin
    Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2020 ARKIV / DATA / DOI
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Marie Keiding :
    Correlation between tectonic stress regimes and methane seepage on the western Svalbard margin
    Solid Earth (SE) 2019 DATA / ARKIV / DOI
  • Timothy A. Minshull, Hector Marin-Moreno, Peter Betlem, Joerg Bialas, Stefan Bünz, Ewa Burwicz et al.:
    Hydrate occurrence in Europe: A review of available evidence
    Marine and Petroleum Geology 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Malin Waage, Stefan Bünz, Martin Landrø, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Kate Alyse Waghorn :
    Repeatability of high-resolution 3D seismic data
    Geophysics 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Tobias Himmler, Diana Sahy, Tõnu Martma, Gerhard Bohrmann, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Stefan Bünz et al.:
    A 160,000-year-old history of tectonically controlled methane seepage in the Arctic
    Science Advances 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Giacomo Osti, Kate Alyse Waghorn, Malin Waage, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Benedicte Ferré :
    Evolution of contourite drifts in regions of slope failures at eastern Fram Strait
    Arktos 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • S. Polteau, Nina Lebedeva-Ivanova, Benjamin Bellwald, Sverre Planke, Dmitry Zastrozhnov, Maarten Vanneste et al.:
    High-Resolution 3D Site Characterization
    European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) 2018 DOI
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Frances Ann Cooke, Remi Elie Celestin Vachon, Kate Alyse Waghorn, Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl, Stefan Jon Beaussier et al.:
    Coupling between rifted oceanic crust and sedimentary deformation in the Fram Strait: implications for seafloor seepage and gas hydrates dynamics
  • Sunny Singhroha, Bettina Schramm, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Przemyslaw Domel, Stefan Bünz :
    Stress constraints from shear-wave splitting through shallow sediments at an actively seeping pockmark on the W-Svalbard Margin
  • Frances Ann Cooke, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Stefan Bünz :
    Highly focused fluid flow and sediment deformation related to early stage compaction: Vestnesa Ridge
  • Przemyslaw Domel, Clément Hibert, Vera Schlindwein, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Stefan Bünz :
    Seismological activity in the Fram Strait constrained from ocean bottom seismometers: Implications for fluid flow and methane seepage
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Nabil Sultan, Hariharan Ramachandran, Hugh Daigle, Frances Ann Cooke, Guillame Sauvin et al.:
    Sediment stiffness and shallow pore fluid pressures at deep marine Arctic seepage systems: constraints from piezometer data and calypso cores off west-Svalbard, Fram Strait
  • Cornelia Mentzoni Binde, Stefan Bünz, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Sverre Planke, Ben Manton :
    Hydrothermal venting driving extreme global warming at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary
  • Hariharan Ramachandran, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Hugh Daigle, Frances Ann Cooke, Stefan Bünz :
    Constraints on methane seepage volumes from gas hydrate-bearing sediments at the Vestnesa Ridge, W-Svalbard
  • Stefan Bünz, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Malin Waage :
    Hvor kommer metanlekkasjene fra?
    Ottar 2022 FULLTEKST
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Jochen Knies, Maja Sojtaric :
    Methane release follows the rhythm of the tides in the Arctic 2021
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Jochen Knies, Maja Sojtaric, Malin Waage :
    Seabed methane release follows the rhythm of the tides 2021 FULLTEKST
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Jochen Knies, Maja Sojtaric, Malin Waage :
    Overraskende funn: Månen bidrar til utslipp av metangass i havet 2021 FULLTEKST
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Vera Schlindwein, Przemyslaw Domel, M Schmidt-Aursch, Frances Ann Cooke, Truls Holm et al.:
    Cage21-3 Ocean bottom seismics and acoustic surveys on the West-Svalbard margin – a study of local seismicity and its effect on methane seepage
    2021 FULLTEKST
  • Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl, Frances Ann Cooke, Andreia Plaza-Faverola :
    Formation of a transform-parallel oceanic core complex along an inherited Timanian thrust, and impact on gas seepage in the Fram Strait
  • Hariharan Ramachandran, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Hugh Daigle, Stefan Bünz :
    Time Constraints on Seepage Through Fractured Regions on the Vestnesa Ridge off the W-Svalbard Coast
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola :
    CAGE21-5 Cruise Report. Test of offshore instrumentation for in-situ sediment pressure measurements, west-Svalbard continental margin
    2021 FULLTEKST
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola :
    CAGE20-6 Cruise Report: Pore-fluid pressure and heat flow surveys along the Vestnesa Ridge, west-Svalbard continental margin
    2020 FULLTEKST
  • Frances Ann Cooke, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Stefan Bünz, Sunny Singhroha :
    High-resolution 3D seismic investigation of fine scale faults and fractures along the Vestnesa Ridge, western Svalbard Margin  
  • Remi Elie Celestin Vachon, Peter Schmidt, Bjorn Lund, Henry Patton, Stefan Jon Beaussier, Andreia Plaza-Faverola et al.:
    Regional stress field computation along the West Svalbard margin (Vestnesa ridge): Effect of the glacial isostatic adjustment. 
  • Przemyslaw Domel, Sunny Singhroha, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Vera Schlindwein, Peter Franek, Stefan Bünz et al.:
    Correlation between seepage activity and micro seismicity on the Vestnesa Ridge, NW- Svalbard continental margin
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola :
    A million year flatulence off the west-Svalbard coast – Stress Effects on Arctic Methane Seepage
  • Remi Elie Celestin Vachon, Peter Schmidt, Bjorn Lund, Andreia Aletia Plaza Faverola, Stefan Jon Beaussier, Henry Patton et al.:
    Computation of glacial and tectonic stress off Svalbard: implications for seabed methane seepage along the Vestnesa Ridge
  • Stefan Jon Beaussier, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, T. Gerya, Stefan Bünz :
    Effect of the interplay between ultra-slow spreading ridge and transform faults on seafloor morphology
    2020 FULLTEKST
  • Sunny Singhroha, Bettina Schramm, Przemyslaw Domel, Anke Dannowski, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Jörg Bialas et al.:
    Ocean-bottom seismic experiment for characterization of a gas chimney beneath the actively seeping Lunde pockmark, Vestnesa Ridge, W-Svalbard Margin
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Frances Ann Cooke, Przemyslaw Domel, Sunny Singhroha, Remi Elie Celestin Vachon, Hariharan Ramachandran et al.:
    Effect of regional forcing on fault-related seepage off west-Svalbard
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola :
    A million year flatulence off the west-Svalbard coast - Advances from the SEAMSTRESS project
  • Frank Andreas Amdal, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Rune Mattingsdal :
    Cross-disciplinary investigation of gas seepage at Storbanken high and the Olga basin, The northern Barents Sea
  • Sunny Singhroha, Stefan Bünz, Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Shyam Chand :
    Distribution and quantification of gas hydrates and free gas in marine sediments of Vestnesa Ridge, offshore W-Svalbard
  • Kate Alyse Waghorn, Stefan Bünz, Andreia Plaza-Faverola :
    Scales of tectonic processes controlling fluid flow systems on the Svyatogor Ridge, Fram Strait
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Marie Keiding, Bjorn Lund, Peter Schmidt, Henry Patton, Peter Franek et al.:
    Correlation of tectonic stress models with near-surface faulting and fluid dynamics: the west-Svalbard margin case study
  • T.A. Minshull, Hector Marin Moreno, Peter Betlem, Joerg Bialas, Stefan Bünz, A Cameselle et al.:
    Hydrate occurrence in Europe: a review of available evidence
  • Andreia Plaza-Faverola, Jochen Knies, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Stefan Bünz :
    Pleistocene evolution of Arctic gas hydrates and fluid flow system – IODP Pre #935

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