Jonathan Crossen

Associate Professor

Job description

  • GENI Academic Coordinator

  • Julia Clarin, Ana I. Vargas, Turner Jennings, Samuel D. Salinas, Reza Amini, Yustianto Tjiptowidjojo et al.:
    An Experiential Learning Opportunity in Norway: Computation for Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering Students
    Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 2024 DOI
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Marie Smallface Marule: An Indigenous Internationalist
    University of British Columbia Press 2021
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Another Wave of Anti-Colonialism: The Origins of Indigenous Internationalism
    Canadian Journal of History 2017 DOI
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Safe Haven for an Indigenous Fugitive: Indigenous Internationalism and Illegal Protests
    American Indian Culture and Research Journal 2016 DOI
  • Jonathan Crossen, Mathilde Becker Aarseth :
    Er vår bruk av ordet «urfolk» fordommer fra kolonitiden i ny drakt?
    20. April 2023 FULLTEKST
  • Jonathan Crossen, Jennifer O'Neal, Lucie Kýrová, Laura De Vos, Gyorgy Toth :
    Roundtable Discussion: Indigenous Internationalism in the Long Red Power Era
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Marie Smallface-Marule: Indigenous decolonization, internationalism and education
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Full Circle: Marie Smallface-Marule’s Indigenous Internationalism
  • Jonathan Crossen, Emmy Stavøstrand Neuls :
    Post-Secondary Innovation and the Promise of Advanced Education in Northern and Indigenous Areas
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    The Significance of a Definition: Including Africa in Indigenous Internationalism
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Key Document: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Adoption vs Adaption: Indigenous Internationalism and the Discourse of Decolonization
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    The Modern International Indigenous Movement and the Role of the Sámi

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    Research interests

    Research on the history of Indigenous internationalism. Particular interest in links and transitions between transnational anti-colonial movements in Africa and Asia (including Pan-Africanism and the Non-Aligned Movement) and the growth of the global Indigenous movement (in the form of organizations like the World Council of Indigenous Peoples). Also, the work done by the transnational Indigenous Permanent Participant organizations of the Arctic Council.

    Leader of the Global Research in Indigenous Studies and History (GRISH) research group.


    UiT’s academic coordinator of the GENI master’s program, run jointly with the University of Saskatchewan’s Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy. Responsible for GENI research methodology, applied research project, and thesis seminar courses. Instruction in introductory and history courses for the MIS program as well.


    Jonathan Crossen is a historian and an associate professor at the Centre for Sámi Studies. He completed his bachelor's degree in history at the University of Victoria (Canada), his master’s degree in history at Central European University, and his PhD at the University of Waterloo (Canada), as part of the Tri-University Graduate History Program.