Bilde av Nermo, Hege
Bilde av Nermo, Hege
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Hege Nermo

Associate professor

Job description

Associate professor of clinical dentistry, specialization in behavioural sciences

  • Hege Nermo, Elin Synnøve Hadler-Olsen :
    Are dental visiting patterns and oral pain associated with dental disease among Norwegian adults? A cross-sectional study based on the Tromsø study
    Clinical and Experimental Dental Research 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Eva Irene Samant Lassemo, Helen D. Rodd, Marit Slåttelid Skeie, Jan Are Kolset Johnsen, Hege Nermo, Kari Sand et al.:
    Dental professionals’ views on motivational interviewing for the prevention of dental caries with adolescents in central Norway
    BMC Oral Health 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jens Thimm, Kamilla Rognmo, Hege Nermo, Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen, Ingunn Berta Gjerdåker Skre, Catharina Elisabeth Arfwedson Wang :
    Associations between stressful life events in childhood/adolescence and adulthood: results from the 7th Tromsø survey
    European Journal of Psychotraumatology 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Sigurd Hadler-Olsen, Jeanett Steinnes, Hege Nermo, Anders Sjögren, Elin Synnøve Hadler-Olsen :
    Pain, discomfort, and functional impairment after extraction of primary teeth in children with palatally displaced canines–a randomized control trial comparing extraction of the primary canine versus extraction of the primary canine and the primary first molar
    Acta Odontologica Scandinavica 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Hege Nermo, Tiril Willumsen, Kamilla Rognmo, Jens Thimm, Catharina Elisabeth Arfwedson Wang, Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen :
    Dental anxiety and potentially traumatic events: a cross-sectional study based on the Tromsø Study—Tromsø 7
    BMC Oral Health 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Hege Nermo, Tiril Willumsen, Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen :
    Prevalence of dental anxiety and associations with oral health, psychological distress, avoidance and anticipated pain in adolescence: a cross-sectional study based on the Tromsø study, Fit Futures
    Acta Odontologica Scandinavica 2018 ARKIV / DOI
  • Hege Nermo, Tiril Willumsen, Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen :
    Changes in dental anxiety among 15‐ to 21‐year‐olds. A 2‐year longitudinal analysis based on the Tromsø study: Fit futures
    Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 2018 FULLTEKST / ARKIV / DOI
  • Rita Jannie Jentoft, Camilla Lauritzen, Rigmor Furu, Vår Mathisen, Hege Nermo, Eva Therese Næss :
    Hvordan fremme terapeutisk og tverrfaglig kompetanse gjennom virtuelle læringsressurser?
  • Kari Sand, Marikken Høiseth, Göran Dahllöf, Jan Are Kolset Johnsen, Marit Slåttelid Skeie, Randi Krog Eftedal et al.:
    Mange tannleger sliter med å motivere unge til puss og tannstell
    Gemini 2024
  • Randi Krog Eftedal, Hege Nermo :
    Care4YoungTeeth, 2x2
  • Hege Nermo, Rita Jannie Jentoft :
    TeraVRi Strengthen therapeutic and interprofessional competence through Virtual Resources and digital learning
  • Hege Nermo, Eva Therese Næss, Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen, Rigmor Furu, Rita Jannie Jentoft :
    Challenging Encounters: Enhancing Therapeutic Competence with Virtual Reality and Interactive Learning An educational resource from TeraVRi
  • Rita Jannie Jentoft, Vår Mathisen, Camilla Lauritzen, Eva Therese Næss, Hege Nermo, Rigmor Furu :
    Strengthen Therapeutic and Interprofessional Competence through Virtual Resources and digital learning
  • Hege Nermo :
    Potensielt traumatiske livshendelser og oral helse
  • Hege Nermo :
    TeraVRi-Kan vi styrke terapeutisk kompetanse ved bruk av VR?
  • Hege Nermo :
    Teaching therapeutic competence in dental education using VR
  • Marikken Høiseth, Bjørnar Hafell, Cecilie Yttervik Robertsen, Randi Krog Eftedal, Hege Nermo, Silje Bøthun :
    Vi må tenke nytt for å bedre ungdommers munnhelse
    Dagens medisin 2023

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    Research interests

    My primary objective is to enhance dental public health by addressing the challenges and promoting equity in oral healthcare. My expertise lies in the fields of behavior science, clinical communication, community dentistry, and epidemiology. I firmly believe in a comprehensive approach towards preventing and treating oral diseases, and I am devoted to disseminating my knowledge to healthcare practitioners, policy-makers, and the broader community.



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