Bilde av Paudel, Keshav Prasad
Bilde av Paudel, Keshav Prasad
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science +4777644433 98683685 You can find me here

Keshav Prasad Paudel

Associate Professor in GIS

Job description

Responsible lecturer: FSK-2006 and FSK-3012

Lecturer (GIS related topic): BIO-3556 and BIO-3011

Ongoing research project: IMPETUS Turning climate commitments into action (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037084)

  • Huamin Ren, Yajie Liu, Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Cod Catch Forecasting through Machine Learning Algorithms at the Haul Level
    International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA) 2023
  • Ibon Galparsoro, Kemal Pinarbasi, Elena Gissi, Fiona Culhane, Jordan Gacutan, Jonne Kotta et al.:
    Operationalisation of ecosystem services in support of ecosystem-based marine spatial planning: insights into needs and recommendations
    Marine Policy 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Ole Reidar Vetaas, Keshav Prasad Paudel, Morten Christensen :
    Principal factors controlling biodiversity along an elevation gradient: Water, energy and their interaction
    Journal of Biogeography 2019 DOI
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Peter Andersen :
    Response of rangeland vegetation to snow cover dynamics in Nepal Trans Himalaya
    Climatic Change 2013 DOI
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Peter Andersen :
    Monitoring snow cover variability in an agropastoral area in the Trans Himalayan region of Nepal using MODIS data with improved cloud removal methodology
    Remote Sensing of Environment 2011 DOI
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Peter Andersen :
    Assessing rangeland degradation using multi temporal satellite images and grazing pressure surface model in Upper Mustang, Trans Himalaya, Nepal
    Remote Sensing of Environment 2010 DOI
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Assessment of risk and vulnerability of water induced disaster: A case study of Tinau Watershed, western Nepal
    Himalayan Journal of Sciences 2004 DOI
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Understanding fishers’ behavioral responses to marine heatwaves using a data driven approach: applications and limitations
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Moving from theory to practice: Mapping ecosystem services to inform coastal zone planning at local level: Combining GIS and local knowledge
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Vetle Lunde Ommundsen, Jahn Petter Johnsen :
    Spatio-temporal pattern of fishing activities and efforts in Barents Sea (2011 – 2018)
  • Bjørn Hersoug, Claire W. Armstrong, Camilla Brattland, Einar Eythórsson, Sanne Bech Holmgaard, Jahn Petter Johnsen et al.:
    "Når det blåser i fra ØST" - Om bruken av økosystemtjeneste-perspektivet i kystsoneplanleggingen
    2019 ARKIV
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    GIS based multi criteria evaluation methodology to support ecosystem based coastal zone planning
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Mapping ecosystem services for coastal zone planning
  • Ole R. Vetaas, Morten Christensen, Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Principal factors controlling biodiversity: water, energy and their interaction
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Himalayan agriculture under double exposure: A case of rangeland management in Trans Himalaya
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Agricultural adaptation to changing climate in high altitude snow-fed Himalayan region
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Peter Andersen :
    Cryosphere change, water availability and adaptation in a Trans Himalayan agropastoral system
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Local effects of cryospheric change on agriculture and pasture in Trans Himalaya
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Peter Andersen :
    Monitoring rangeland dynamics using time series satellite images in Trans Himalaya, Nepal
  • Keshav Psasad Paudel :
    Monitoring rangeland vegetation phenology dynamics using GIS and remote sensing
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Peter Andersen :
    Himalayan agropastoralism under double exposure: A case of rangeland degradation and management in Trans Himalaya
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Climatic variability or grazing? Trans Himalayan rangeland dynamics in the context of global changes. Integration of remote sensing/GIS analysis and geographical fieldwork
    Universitetet i Bergen 2011 OMTALE
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel, Peter Andersen :
    Monitoring Snow Cover Dynamic in the Trans Himalayan Region of Nepal Using MODIS Data, p. 31
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Grazing versus precipitation variability: Assessing rangeland degradation in Upper Mustang, Nepal
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Critical Realism in environmental studies: integrating Remote Sensing/GIS analysis with ethnographic method
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Overgrazing or climate variability?: Rangeland degradation in Mustang, Nepal
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Institutions, environmental entitlement and rangeland management in Nyishang
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Pastoral production and rangeland management in Trans Himalayan region: A case of Nyishang Manang District Nepal
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Institutions, Emvironmental Entitlements and Pastoral Management: A Case of Nyishang, Trans Himalaya Region, Manag District, Nepal
    Universitetet i Bergen 2006
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    Mapping and Assessing Risk and Vulnerability of Water –induced Disaster in Tinahu Watershed, Western Nepal
  • Keshav Prasad Paudel :
    An Assessment of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Process of Freed Kamaiya in Kailai District

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    Employment (selected)

    • 2016 – : Associate Professor, The Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromsø- The Arctic University of Norway
    • 2015-2016: Researcher, Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway
    • 2011-2014 : Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway
    • 2007– 2011: PhD Student, Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway
    • 2007: Geographer, Ministry of Physical Planning/ Nepal Government
    • 2006– 2007: GIS Analyst, Geospatial Pvt. Ltd., Nepal
    • 2004         : GIS Analyst, United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Nepal
    • 2003– 2004: Assistant Lecturer, Central Department of Geography Education, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
    • 2002– 2004: GIS Analyst, ISS Pvt. Ltd/Geospatial Pvt. Ltd., Nepal


    • 2011:    PhD in Geography, Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway
    • 2006:    Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Mountain Ecology and Human Adaptation, Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway
    • 2001:      Master of Arts (M. A.) in Geography, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
    • 1999:      Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) in Economics and Geography, Tribhuvan University, Nepal