Justin Parks, ISK
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Justin Parks, ISK
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Parks, Justin Michael

Job description

Justin Parks is an associate professor (førsteamanuensis) of US literature and culture and the coordinator of the Border Poetics/Border Culture Research Group at the University of Tromsø-The Arctic University of Norway. He has published on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, as well as visual and sound studies. His current monograph, provisionally titled “Poetry, Crisis, and the Failures of the Modern in Thirties America,” investigates US poetry’s variegated response to the Great Depression as a crisis—economic and cultural, as well as epistemological—within global modernity. He has also begun conducting research in the environmental humanities, and along these lines, he organized an event at UiT in fall 2018 titled “Resisting Extractivism in Border Zones: Art and Protest from the Arctic North to the Global South.”

  • Parks, Justin. The poetics of extractivism and the politics of visibility. Textual Practice 2021; Volum 35 (3). ISSN 0950-236X.s 353 - 362.s doi: 10.1080/0950236X.2021.1886708.
  • Parks, Justin. Toward a resource poetics in Muriel Rukeyser’s Book of the Dead and Mark Nowak’s Coal Mountain Elementary. Textual Practice 2021; Volum 35 (3). ISSN 0950-236X.s 395 - 412.s doi: 10.1080/0950236X.2021.1886706.
  • Parks, Justin. "Race and National Identity in Modernist Anthropology and Jean Toomer's 'The Blue Meridian'". Texas Studies in Literature and Language 2020; Volum 62 (3). ISSN 0040-4691.s 344 - 367.s doi: 10.7560/TSLL62305.
  • Parks, Justin. Charles Reznikoff's 1934 testimony and the idiom of American violence. Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts 2017; Volum 59 (1). ISSN 0011-1589.s 49 - 73.s doi: 10.13110/criticism.59.1.0049.
  • Parks, Justin. "Harry Smith, the Anthology, and the Artist as Collector". Routledge 2017 ISBN 9781472479204.s 65 - 81.
  • Parks, Justin. Reading and Teaching Cathy Park Hong's Dance Dance Revolution beyond National Borders. American Studies in Scandinavia 2017; Volum 49 (2). ISSN 0044-8060.s 93 - 108.s doi: 10.22439/asca.v49i2.5677.
  • Parks, Justin. "Muriel Rukeyser's Poetics of Extension and the Politics of the Documentary Image". Arizona Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory 2015; Volum 71 (1). ISSN 0004-1610.s 151 - 179.s doi: 10.1353/arq.2015.0003.
  • Niemi, Minna Johanna; Parks, Justin. Home, Homelessness and the Wayward Subject in the Novels of James Joyce and Claude McKay. Peter Lang Publishing Group 2010; Volum 10 (1) ISBN 978-3-03911-409-2. ISSN 1662-0364.s 249 - 272.
  • Parks, Justin. "On Making Graven Images: The Racial Meanings of Death in a Walker Evans Photograph and Its Double". 2017.
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    Research interests

    • Anglophone modernism
    • American Cultural Studies
    • Poetry and Poetics
    • Border Studies, Spatial Geography, Environmental Humanities


    Recent MA-level courses

    • The Development of the Novel: Transatlantic Novels and Narratives
    • William Faulkner and American Modernism
    • Modernism
    • Literature, Text, Education


    Recent BA-level courses

    • Introduction to American Studies
    • Modern Poetry
    • B.A. Thesis Seminar


    Topics for Supervision

    • Modernism (American, British, international)
    • American Literature
    • Cultural Studies
    • Poetry and Poetics

    Member of research group

    SVHUM E 2021

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