Bilde av Langseth, Sigurd
Bilde av Langseth, Sigurd
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Sigurd Langseth

Senior Adviser - Community affairs and coordinator for continuous studies and lifelong learning

Job description

  • Coordinating and developing UiTs field of lifelong learning and continous studies
  • Fascilitating education collaboration between businesses and UiT
  • Secretary and liaison for some of UiTs formal cooperations with cities, regions and networks.
  • Strategic advisor in questions of lifelong learning, continous studies, flexible education and externally funded education
  • Coordinator and liaison for applications (in education) to the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills
  • General tasks in UiTs team for community affairs


MA of History, UiT 2012
BA of History, UiT 2008, incl. student exchange at UC Berkeley fall of 2007

Held positions:
Various positions in student politics (UiT, NSU, NSO, UHR) 2006-2014
Various positions in politics/unions (RU, Rødt, Fellesforbundet mm.) 2002-2014
Various positions in public office (Tromsø municipality) 2007-2019

Relevant work:
Senior Advisor - Public affairs and coordinator for continous studies UiT, 2019-
Advisor -  Adminstrator and leader support in the field of continous studies at the department of education, 2017-2019
Advisor - Leader support in the field of teachers education at the department of education, 2016-2017
Higher excecutive officer - continous studes at the department of education, 2013-2015
Comittee chair, Tromsø municipality, 60%, 2009-2011
Lower excecutive officer, department of adminssions UiT, summers of 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
Lower excecutive officer, office of student information UiT, part-time 2008-2012
"Civil laborer" University libarary UiT, 2004-2005