Department of Arctic and Marine Biology lisa.e.kettemer@uit.no +4777646080 Tromsø NFH C 216

Lisa Elena Kettemer

PhD researcher

Job description

I study the movement ecology of Humpback Whales. In particular I focus on whales spending their winters in the coastal waters of northern Norway and summer and fall in the Barents Sea. I use satellite tracking to understand their migrations, asking questions such as: when they go where, how fast they travel, when do they arrive and what do they do on the way. I try to understand their behaviour through documenting their annual schedules, and by estimating how they manage their energy during the long migration. We also measure hormones that indicate whether females are pregnant or not, to understand if they have specific behaviours.

My PhD project is part of the WhaleFeast project, led by Prof. Audun Rikardsen.

Previously I have worked on estimating shark bycatch (during my BSc thesis), and understanding the drivers behind turtle strandings with the use of drift models (during my MSc thesis).