Associate Professor

Heneise, Michael

Associate Professor Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology
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I am an anthropologist primarily interested in dreams and dreaming, indigenous religion, ecological knowledge, and medical pluralism. For the past ten years my fieldwork has been primarily in South Asia and the Asian Highlands. I also have a longterm interest in Afro-Caribbean cultures and religions, and the cultures and religions of South America, where I lived and worked prior to my doctoral research.

In 2013, I cofounded the Kohima Institute, a research center in the Naga Hills in Northeast India that works primarily on indigenous health systems, environmental conservation, museum anthropology, and ethno-linguistics. The institute is currently engaged in a range of projects in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, University of Leeds, the National Institute for Health Research in the UK, and the Arts and Humanitites Council, also in the UK.

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