Bilde av Outakoski, Hanna-Máret
Bilde av Outakoski, Hanna-Máret
Department of Language and Culture

Hanna-Máret Outakoski

  • Hanna-Máret Outakoski :
    It may be invisible to you but it still affects us – Extending the comprehensive view on language and writing
    Universitetsforlaget 2022
  • Hanna Maarit Outakoski, Øystein Alexander Vangsnes :
    Giellariššu: Indigenous language revitalisation in the city
    Multiethnica 2021 ARKIV
  • Torjer Andreas Olsen, Laila Susanne Vars, Hanna-Máret Outakoski, Mikkel Eskil Mikkelsen :
    Aktasašbarggus ovdáneapmái sámi mánáidgárddiid pedagogalaš ja gielalaš kvalitehta vuođul/Fra samarbeid til utvikling på grunnlag av kvalitet i pedagogikk og språk i samiske barnehager

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    Research interests

    My research intrerest lie within the following four fields: 1) teaching and didactics of Sámi language, 2) questions that belong to sociology of language and are related to language use in school, pre-school and free time activities, 3) linguistics with special interest in syntactic functions in connection to the writing process, and 4) e-learning and virtual learning environments.

    Member of research group