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Andreas Altenburger

Associate Professor The Arctic University Museum of Norway
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My research interests are in marine invertebrate zoology, developmental biology, evolutionary morphology, protozoology, and eukaryote phylogeny.

I am particularly interested in the discovery and description of marine organismal diversity. I focus on the diversity and evolution of organisms, and the evolution of symbiotic interactions between algae and invertebrate animals and protists. My lab uses comparative molecular methods, as well as confocal laser scanning microscopy in order to study innovations in patterns of organismal diversity. Groups of particular interest are brachiopods, kinorhynchs, scalidophorans, cryptophytes, ciliates and dinoflagellates.

Are you interested in working on marine protists or meiofauna as a Marie-Curie postdoc? Please contact me, I am looking for candidates to apply for the new Horizon Europe - MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships program.

Supervision of students

Invited lecturer:

BIO-3019 and BIO-8023 Arctic Biodiversity and Systematics, UiT

Curator of marine invertebrates