Bilde av Glad, Elin
Bilde av Glad, Elin
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Elin Glad

Project Manager

Job description

Project manager for STEM ecosystem UiT - interaction and collaboration for STEM recruitment.

To meet the challenges and the need for skills in the north, we need more people in science and technology. To ensure this, we must work together across sectors to increase the science capital and encourage engagement and curiosity for STEM among children and young people.

A STEM ecosystem is a regional network that facilitates interaction and knowledge exchange. Schools, higher education, learning arenas, working life and authorities must work together towards our common goal of increased STEM recruitment. Together, we are brimming with knowledge, insight, engagement and the will to make something happen.

A STEM ecosystem should:

- strengthen the interaction between schools, higher education, working life and learning arenas,
- increase the proportion of pupils with science skills from upper secondary school,
- increase the recruitment to science and technology in higher education.

  • Marko Lukic, Kristin Benjaminsen Borch, Guri Skeie, Ann Iren Solli, Sairah Lai Fa Chen, Patrik Hansson et al.:
    Slik introduserer vi forskning til studentene våre!
    31. March 2022 DATA
  • Elin Glad, Kristin Benjaminsen Borch, Maria Fredriksen Kvamme, Irene Foss, Camilla Flåten :
    Vi må bort fra Netflix og chill!
    07. April 2022 PROSJEKT / FULLTEKST

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