Bilde av Hao, Jiuzhou
Bilde av Hao, Jiuzhou
Department of Language and Culture +4777648356 Tromsø SVHUM A 2013

Jiuzhou Hao


Job description

Jiuzhou is a psycho-/neuro-linguist who works on language development and processing in monolingual and bilingual children with and without Developmental Language Disorders.

Currently, Jiuzhou works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Psycholinguistics of Language Representation (PoLaR) lab, the Heritage-bilingual Linguistic Proficiency in their Native Grammar (HeLPiNG) project (a multimillion-euro grant funded by the Tromsø Forskningsstiftelse (Tromsø Research Foundation), and the Aurora Research Center at UiT: The Arctic University of Norway.

His current research centers on cross-linguistic aspects of morpho-syntactic acquisition and processing in different child populations, including typically-developing and language-impaired monolingual and bilingual children.


  • Jason Rothman, Fatih Bayram, Vincent DeLuca, Grazia Di Pisa, Jon Andoni Dunabeitia Landaburu, Khadij Gharibi et al.:
    Monolingual comparative normativity in bilingualism research is out of “control”: Arguments and alternatives
    Applied Psycholinguistics 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jiuzhou Hao, Vasiliki Chondrogianni :
    Comprehension and production of non-canonical word orders in Mandarin-speaking child heritage speakers
    Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 2021 SAMMENDRAG / DOI

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    Research interests

    First language acquisition;
    Second language acquisition;
    Language impairment (pathology);
    Heritage language acquisition;
    Child bilingualism;
    Syntactic processing in language comprehension and production;
    Eye-movement during reading and listening (both children and adults).

    Member of research group



    Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psycho/Neurolinguistics of Bi/Multilingualism
    UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway


    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Linguistics and English Language

    University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    Master of Science (MSc) in Linguistics (graduated with distinction)

    University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Bachelor of Art (BA) in English Language (graduated with distinction)

    Xi’an International Studies University, Xi’an, China

    Associate Fellow of British Higher Education Academy

    SVHUM A 2013

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