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Trygve Andersen

  • Bjørn-Richard Pedersen, Einar Holsbø, Trygve Andersen, Nikita Shvetsov, Johan Ravn, Hilde Leikny Sommerseth et al.:
    Lessons Learned Developing and Using a Machine Learning Model to Automatically Transcribe 2.3 Million Handwritten Occupation Codes
    Historical Life Course Studies 06. January 2022 ARKIV / DATA / DOI
  • Gunnar Thorvaldsen, Trygve Andersen, Hilde Leikny Sommerseth :
    Record Linkage in the Historical Population Register for Norway
    Springer 2015 DOI
  • Bjørn-Richard Pedersen, Trygve Andersen, Lars Ailo Bongo, Hilde Leikny Sommerseth :
    What to do with the stubborn 3 percent?
  • Hilde Leikny Sommerseth, Bjørn-Richard Pedersen, Trygve Andersen :
     A FAIR Approach to Harmonized Data
  • Lars Ailo Bongo, Bjørn-Richard Pedersen, Einar Holsbø, Trygve Andersen, Tim Alexander Teige, Nikita Shvetsov et al.:
    Automated approaches for Transcription of 20th Century Norwegian Census Microdata - Lessons Learned
  • Hilde Leikny Sommerseth, Trygve Andersen, Bjørn-Richard Pedersen :
    Automatic data coding of historic population data
  • Hilde Leikny Sommerseth, Trygve Andersen :
    Norwegian Historical Population Register: Status & Future
  • Gunnar Thorvaldsen, Trygve Andersen :
    Linking 19th century individuals and farms for Norway
  • Gunnar Thorvaldsen, Trygve Andersen :
    Presise søk etter personers fødested
    Slekt og data 2004 DATA

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