Elective courses

The following elective courses have been pre-approved for MPCT Programme Students. Should you be interested in other courses, please contact aisi@hjelp.uit.no for approval.

HEL-3005 - Society, Culture and Public Health (Special requirements for admission!)
HEL-3011 - Peace, Health and Medical Work

JUR-3050 - General Law of the Sea – 15 ECTS
JUR-3605 - Indigenous People’s Rights  (Special admission requirements)
JUR-3615 - European Human Rights  (Special admission requirements)
JUR-3619 - Energy Law  (special admission requirements)
JUR-3620 - International law and armed conflict

Social Sciences and Humanities:
HIS-3005 - History of Indigenous Peoples - Indig. People, ethnic minorities and the multi-cultural society in the North
SOA-3004 - Identity, Minorities and Borders (information in Norwegian)
STV-3005 - International Politics
SVF-3107 - Visual Ethnography and Ways of Knowing
SOA-3006 - Indigenous Culture, Resource Management and Human Rights
STV-3013 - Indigenous Rights, Politics and Institution Building
SVF-3028 - Development, Migration and Security
SVF-3105 - Film in Cross-Cultural Research
SPL-3010 - Culture, Politics and Planning
SPL-3007 - Globalization and Development. Theories and Issues
HIF-3111 - Manufacturing Monsters: Othering Through Constructing Evil
HIF-3112 - Film as Method and Data
HIF-3107 - East/West on Film
HIF-3620 - Indigenous Revitalization – Languages, Literature and Arts