Masteroppgaver tidligere studenter

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Hansen, Kristian

Friction tests on polyurethane and concrete. Rolling friction tests and sliding friction tests on anti-abrasion polyurethane, anti-seepage polyurethane and concrete. Hassan Abbas Khawaja
Rolandsen, Markus Helfjord Oil Spill Preparedness and Response in the Arctic. The effect of low temperature on oil spill response operations in the Arctic with respect to overall equipment effectiveness Abbas Barabadi

Røds, Johan-Fredrik Navigation in the Arctic. How can simulator training be used for assessment and reduction of risk? Ove Tobias Gudmestad
Solangi, Ali Raza Icing Effects on Power Lines and Anti-icing and De-icing Methods Fuqing Yuan
Stange, Even Thermography and tensile tests of steel samples. Study of material properties and internal friction effects Hassan Abbas Khawaja
Ahmad, Tanveer Wind Chill Effect & Thermal Insulation. Study of Wind Chill Effect and Thermal Insulation using Infrared Imaging Hassan Abbas Khawaja
Edoh Imoudu, Nelson The Characteristic of Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) and its application For Cladding Abbas Barabadi
Eidesen, Hans-Kristian Norum Thermal and Mechanical Properties of SK One Component Polyurethane (SKOCP). Determining  the Thermal and Mechanical properties of SKOCP in Colder Conditions Hassan Abbas Khawaja
Ludvigsen, Sondre

Improving mechanical grip on winter tires. Finite element analysis on pressure profile of airless tire compared to conventional tire using ANSYS workbench Hassan Abbas Khawaja
Myrli, Odd Einar L. Finite element analysis of materials for aquaculture net cages. FEA of materials for aquaculture net cages using ANSYS Workbench Hassan Abbas Khawaja
Skaga, Simon Kleppevik

Feasibility study of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) application for ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Wind Turbine Rotor Blades. Preliminary experiments of handheld and UAV utrasonic testing on glass fibre laminate Jarle Andre Johansen

Strand, Cathrine Høgmo

Mechanical and impact tests of CFRP. An experimental and numerical study of the mechanical properties of CFRP samples with varying temperatures, using Four-point bending, Charpy and Air gun tests Hassan Abbas Khawaja

Albrigtsen, Andreas The application of unmanned aerial vehicles for snow avalanche search and rescue Ove Tobias Gudmestad
Bjørvik, Simon S. Optimal Ordering Strategy of Perishable Products Fuqing Yuan
Brendeløkken, Hanne W. Upgrading technologies for biogas production plants. Overview and life cycle cost analysis of available technologies Masoud Naseri
Dalsand, Raymond/
Nese, Tord
Identification of Challenges and Hazards associated with Cruise Traffic and Evacuation in the Arctic Javad Barabady
Hassan, Syed Yasir Real time estimation of measurement in annular pressure and their relationship with pore and fracture pressure profile Maneesh Singh
Hussain, Azeem

Simplified Representation of Degradation, Inspection and Maintenance in a Strategic Decision Support Tool for Offshore Wind Operation and Maintenance Maneesh Singh

Høyli, Randulf Assessing the Risk of Escape from Marine Fish Farms. Improving Data Collection Strategies and Development of Risk Indicators Masoud Naseri
Jensen, Sondre F. Sikkerhetsvurdering av Tromsøysundtunnelen Javad Barabady
Jørgensen, Andreas

Utfordringer ved snøkrabbefangst med hensyn på risiko ved operasjoner på sjøen. Kartlegging av risiko og risikoreduserende tiltak Ove Tobias Gudmestad
Løvmo, Signy Anita

Analysis of potential critical equipment and technical system on a modern PSV. Recommending a method for Troms Offshore Management AS Bjørn Batalden

Pokhrel, Marshal 

A fuzzy logic-possibilistic methodology for risk-based inspection (RBI) planning of oil and gas piping subjected to microbiologically Influenced corrosion (MIC) Maneesh Singh

Steien, Terese Matsikkerhet i Norge. Er forsyningsberedskapen tilstrekkelig? Arne Gjengedal