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Welcome to the Department of Language and Culture!

On this page you will find information that is vital as a student on the two-year English-taught MA programmes in English Acquisition and Multilingualism, English Literature - and Theoretical Linguistics. We recommend that you become familiar with the information found here. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the study consultant or the academic contact person.

The contract is very important - it documents your rights and responsibilites regarding the master's thesis work.

The contract must be signed during the first year of study. Supervisor and student must retain signed copies of the contract. The original contract is to be deposited with the study consultant for the relevant study programme. The contract is available here (PDF).

As a master's student you can make use of the study rooms we have on campus. The Department of Language and Culture has the following study room spots:

  • Teorifagbygget, house 4, level 3 (room 4.371 A and room 4.371B)
    • Contact person: Andreia dos Santos Figueiredo (
  • Teorifagbygget, house 5, level 2 (rooms 5.210, 5.214, 5.220, 5.223, 5.224, 5.225, 5.226 and 5.233)
    • Contact person: Bettina Iversen (

There is a contact person in each study room who has an overview of available spots. When you are assigned a spot, you have to pay a deposit at the bookstore, Akademika. Bring the receipt to the Student Information desk in the first floor of the luniversity ibrary, and you will be given a key to the study room.

Even if you don't have your own spot in a study room, you can still get a key and make use of available spots.

The master's thesis should be submitted as a PDF file via the website Munin.

The submission deadlines are May 15 for spring semester and November 1 for fall semester, at the end of the day (23:59). Please note that technical help can only be given during normal working hours (until 15:00). 

Front cover templates for the thesis can be found here.

More information regarding submitting the thesis:

  • The thesis is only considered as submitted, when turned in to Munin
  • Information needed to submit in Munin: Supervisor's name and e-mail address, abstract (around 250 words), keywords
  • Make sure to format the thesis with twosided printing in mind. Please leave a blank page after the cover Page 1: Cover, Page 2: blank. Page 3-: The rest of the content. The first chapter should start on odd pages. Blank pages may have to be added to achieve this.
  • It is the student's own responsibility to make sure that the PDF file is correct and complete upon submission.
  • Please name the PDF file "thesis.pdf", because the name of the file will be visible to the public
  • Once you have submitted the thesis, you will get a confirmation e-mail
  • Theses that are approved will be published in Munin. You can elect to not have your thesis be published, for example if it contains sensitive information.
  • You can fill in the number of copies you want, up to 10 copies in black and white. This is paid for by the institute. If there are pages in color, please specify which when submitting in Munin. Students will be charged 3 NOK per page in color, per copy. You can also pay for additional copies of the thesis.

Master's students have access to copying machines outside of the study rooms. From September 2016, a limit to free copying was set. Every student is given a quota of 100 NOK per semester to use for copying. If you wish to copy beyond this, you will have to pay out of pocket. More information on this here.

The faculty offers support for travel and accommodation expenses in connection with data collection or participation at a conference, if it is necessary work towards writing the MA thesis. The application form can be found here. In the application an accurate estimate of expenses should be filled out. The expenses will be covered according to set amounts. Written confirmation from the supervisor that the trip is necessary for the completion of the thesis should be attached to the application.

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English Acquisition and Multilingualism - master
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