Education – Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

Education – Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

Study life on Earth!

Join us in exploring life on Earth, and contribute to knowledge that can be useful now and the future. We know that the climate is affected by human activities and Arctic ecosystems are particularly vulnerable. However, just how vulnerable they are to climate change, we are still trying to find out.

In our biology courses you can learn about organisms from molecule to entire ecosystems through lectures, laboratory exercises, going out in the field and on cruise expedtitions. Practical work makes the program more fun and creates a better learning environment. After gratuating from one of our programs you will be able to make a difference in exciting positions in management, administration, research, teaching, business, as well as in the industry. Read more about our study programs and courses in the student catalogue in the menu below.

All our master degree programs are offered in English, and we have many international students. Tromsø is a great place to be a student, close to nature and a fun city with lots of cultural activities as well. Read more details about our studies in the menu below. If you have further questions, you may contact student advisors: Siv Andreassen or Renathe Lohne 


Bachelor (3 years)

Master (1½ – 5 years)


Further and continuing education