Research – Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Research – Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Research at the BFE Faculty

Research activities include both natural science and social science disciplines.

Climate, environment and resource management are key areas of research at the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology. The expertise of the researchers range from cell and molecular biology to complex ecosystems in northern populations.

At the School of Business and Economics sustainable development of a creative and competitive business is central. What are the conditions for creating profitable businesses in the north? How do we commercialize research and business ideas? What is needed to establish a new industry, and which strategies should be used?

Research at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science is related to two main issues; marine resource management and marine biotechnology. This includes basic and thematically oriented industrial research.

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We have 87 research projects at our unit:
Osvik, Renate Døving : Bioprospecting of marine phytoplankton from large scale cultivation - Effect of culture conditions on bioactivity and biochemistry of the diatom Porosira glacialis Hagestad, Ole Christian : Bioprospecting of marine fungi from the High Arctic: A study of high latitude marine fungi from understudied taxa; bioactivity potential, taxonomy and genomics Alizadeh Ashrafi, Tannaz : Fisher's effort allocation behavior and decision-making process in the Norwegian trawl fishery

Borkenhagen, Kristoffer : Effektivitetsanalyse og produktivitetsutvikling i norske sparebanker. En analyse av norske sparebanker for perioden 2014-2017 ved bruk av Data Envelopment Analysis og Malmquist produktivitetsindeks Høstmark, Malin Solheim : Feeding ecology and interactions of invasive vendace and DR whitefish in the Pasvik watercourse Dembereldagva, Selengemurun : Gastrointestinal nematodes in Icelandic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus)

Artikler og rapporter:
Bertheussen, Bernt Arne / Vassdal, Terje : Institution-based roots to fishing vessels profitability Nystrand, Bjørn Tore / Olsen, Svein Ottar / Tudoran, Ana Alina : Individual differences in functional food consumption: The role of time perspective and the Big Five personality traits Sales, Naiara Guimaraes / Wangensteen Fuentes, Owen Simon / Carvalho, Daniel C. / Deiner, Kristy / Præbel, Kim / Coscia, Ilaria / McDevitt, Allan D / Mariani, Stefano : Space-time dynamics in monitoring neotropical fish communities using eDNA metabarcoding

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