Communication Section

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The Communication section provides communication services to students, the academic community, management, and the society. The section has overall responsibility for facilitating good internal and external communication, and is responsible for content in and development of the university's communication channels.

The section is responsible for the following services at UiT:

Joint service: Communication and outreach

  • News and science outreach
  • Management support
  • Communication support for employees in the administration and activities related to student recruitment
  • Media contact
  • Management and coordination of UiT's official accounts in social media
  • Contingency and crisis communication

Joint service: Digital channels

  • Websites (
  • Info screens (Scala)
  • Intranet
  • Contingency and crisis information
  • iKnowBase

Events and partner agreements

The section is responsible for planning, promoting and implementing events that are part of UiT's central event portfolio, the Saturday University and the Research Days.

In addition, the section has follow-up and coordination responsibility for UiT's partner agreements at level 1.

For the media


Communication tips – Improve your communication and outreach skills

Communication is one of your most important work tools. Good communication is fundamental when we are to collaborate, lead, develop or change something. When you communicate openly and actively, you contribute to good work processes and results.

Visit our resource page with tips and tools to help you along the way.

Employees at Communication Section:



Internasjonalt seminar fyller 30 år - feiring og jubileumsmarkering

30. november     19:00     Other    

Lørdagsuniversitetet: Kunstig intelligens - Hva er det? Hvordan kan det (mis)brukes?

2. desember     13:00     Tromsø     Tromsø    

Utdanning i søkelyset: Uforventede ringvirkninger av internasjonalisering / Spotlight on Education: Unexpected Outcomes of Internationalization

11. desember     16:00     Digital    

Arbeidsmiljødagen: Teknologi og arbeidsmiljø

17. januar     12:15     Digital    

EUGLOH Tromsø Idea Camp 2024: Workshop om hvordan ideer skapes / Workshop about the creation of ideas

24. januar     12:00     Tromsø