Education – Department of Pharmacy

Education – Department of Pharmacy

Educational Offer at the Department of Pharmacy

We are the only university in Norway to offer both three-year bachelor and two-year master programmes in Pharmacy, which are compliant with the Bologna Process.

  • The Bachelor in Pharmacy is an undergraduate academic degree in Pharmacy, qualifying for a position as “reseptar farmasøyt” in the Norwegian pharmacies.
  • The Master in Pharmacy gives the final competences to become authorized pharmacist, according to the EU directives. With the master degree in Pharmacy, you are qualified for positions as “provisør farmasøyt” and head of Norwegian pharmacies, positions in hospital pharmacy or in hospital wards. Furthermore, the master degree entitles you to apply for a PhD position. You can also consider the possibility to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since we are part of the Faculty of Health Science and we work together with the University Hospital of Northern Norway, we have established educational practice in clinical pharmacy with the focus on cross-professional interaction and patient-pharmacist interaction in a hospital ward. 

The Pharmacy internship, both at the bachelor level (4 months) and at the master level (2 months), have the aim to enrich students with the working experience in pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. These are closely monitored by the Department of Pharmacy, in order to provide the best possible learning outcomes.


Bachelor (3 years)

Master (1½ – 5 years)

Further and continuing education