Centre for Peace Studies (CPS)


The Centre for Peace Studies (CPS) is part of UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Founded in 2002, CPS still is the only university-based peace centre in Norway. The centre teaches, conducts, and promotes critical and multi-disciplinary research on peace and conflict.

The centre’s main activities revolve around research, outreach and the Master’s Programme in Peace and Conflict Transformation (MPCT). The English-taught, interdisciplinary, two-year MPCT programme draws on perspectives from social sciences, political science, sociology, history, pedagogics, religious studies and anthropology, as well as from psychology, law and health.

CPS research and outreach activities are concerned with aspects of critical peace studies, peace education, livelihoods in conflict-affected societies, peace mediation processes, arms control, demobilization and reintegration.


The Master in Peace and Conflict Transformation has students from all continents
Our students get financial support for fieldwork and data collection
Social life
Active social activities
Living in a small Arctic city creates a plenty of opportunities

Employees at Centre for Peace Studies (CPS):



Peace pub @ Studentsamfunnet DRIV

27. september     18:00     Studenthuset Driv     Tromsø    

Digital open lecture with Arne Strand: Afghanistan

29. september     10:15     Link will be posted soon     Digital    

Territorial Peace in Panama and Colombia

29. september     15:00     Tromsø     Digital    

Internasjonalt seminar: Reporting on Processes of Peace and Conflict in a digital age

30. september     19:00     Tromsø bibliotek og byarkiv, 2.etasje     Tromsø    

Gandhi Pecha Kucha: "Ikke-vold, sivil ulydighet og demokrati"

1. oktober     11:30     Tabletten, Farmasibygget     Tromsø