Northern Populations and Ecosystems

Our research group focuses on basic and applied ecology, evolution, and cross-disciplinary research, primarily in terrestrial, northern ecosystems. Our research approaches are manifold, of which the Climate-ecological Observatory of the Arctic Tundra - COAT - represents a prime focus area both in our group and at UiT.

We include a range of approaches in our research, from evolution and ecology of single species, population ecology, functional ecology, community ecology, food webs and trophic interactions, to socio-ecological systems. We include a range of organisms, particularly plants, animals and humans. Major research effort is made into understanding ecosystem response to climate change and anthropogenic effects, and we focus on the integration of monitoring, science and management. We strengthen our group effort through hosting the AMINOR research network. Our research group has expertise in field and laboratory methods as well as in remote sensing, statistical and theoretical modelling.

Current research focus:


Group leader: Elisabeth Cooper