Women's Health and Perinatology Research Group

Our research group focuses on a combination of basic science (translational) and clinical research which is well suited to the institutional strategy of the University Hospital of Northern Norway as well as the University of Tromsø in the area of women’s health and perinatology. The members in the research groups had well established research collaboration locally, nationally and internationally.

Main research areas are:

  • Maternal and fetal cardiovascular physiology
  • Experimental feto-maternal medicine using animal models
  • Genetics of feto-maternal diseases
  • Epidemiologial studies related to obstetrics & gynecology and Register-based studies
  • Cesarean section rates, indications and complications
  • Psycho-social problems related to obstetrics including fear of labor
  • Preeclampsia, its pathophysiology and long-term consequences
  • Fetal-neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
  • Anal sphincter injuries related to birth trauma and their prevention and management
  • Birth injuries and medico-legal issues in Obstetrics
  • Antenatal care and birth planning based on selection criteria
  • Female urinary incontinence
  • Development and refinement of embryo and cell culture media
  • Reproductive endocrinology, pre-implantation biology, and clinical assisted reproduction


Outcome (Progress reports):






Kandidaten vil forsvare avhandlingen ”Angiotensin II and heart remodelling. Role of ischemia, gender and pregnancy”. Deler av avhandlingen har blitt til i sammarbeid med Forskningsgruppe - Kvinneshelse og perinatologi.



Prof. Heidi Tiller

Research Group Leader


 Prof. Ganesh Acharya
Group leader (2009-2016)

 Prof. Pål Øian
Group leader (2016-2018)