Metabolic and Renal Research Group

Metabolic and Renal Research Group focuses on translational research on the relationship between metabolic dysfunction, kidney dysfunction / kidney disease, and possible links to the development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

The number of persons with end-stage renal disease (dialysis or renal transplantation) is rapidly increasing. The number of persons in Norway receiving renal replacement therapy has increased from 1400 in 1990 to 4.500 at present. This constitutes a major health problem with economic impact on the society. Even low-grade renal injury appears to be associated with increased risk of cardio-vascular disease. The new concept of the “reno-cardiac axis” describes this relationship. 

Through epidemiological, clinical and experimental approaches we are studying the possible effect of mild changes in renal function, and metabolic disturbances such as hyperuricemia, albuminuria, insulin resistance and hyperproinsulenemia on the development of hypertension and subsequently heart disease.

Department of Clinical Medicine


Research group leader

Professor Marit Dahl Solbu