Crustal Dynamics

The research group "Crustal Dynamics" is focussing its activities on the processes of bedrock evolution and deformation at all scales and structural levels. Most of our research areas are located in Northern Norway, Svalbard, and the nearby sea areas, but are not restricted to these regions. By integrating structural geological data with petrologic, geochemical and geochronological data, we search for new knowledge about the formation, deformation, reactions, stability and geological development of the crustal rock.

The department’s experimental laboratory is of fundamental importance for the activities of the research group. Here we can simulate natural processes under controlled conditions, which improve the understanding for the processes going on in the earth’s crust.

The research group has activities within the following areas:
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Formation and development of Vest-Troms basement complex
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The Caledonian mountain range in Northern Norway
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Ecoglites and high pressure metamorphism
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Fluid rock interaction during deformation and metamorphism
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Deformation processes and mineral reactions
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Formation of Fe-Ti oxide ores
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Tertiary tectonics on Svalbard and in the Barents Sea

Scientific personnel within Crustal Dynamics:

red arrow Professor Steffen Bergh
Structural geology / tectonics
red arrow Professor Holger Stunitz Rock deformation
red arrow Professor Jiri Konapacek Petrology
red arrow Adjunct professor Kåre Kullerud
Petrology / geochemistry
red arrow Adjunct professor Renee Heilbronner
Structural geology / image analysis
red arrow Adjunct professor Lars Harald Blikra Rock slide morphology