Andreia Plaza Faverola
Deputy leader: Henry Patton" /> Andreia Plaza Faverola
Deputy leader: Henry Patton" />

Geophysics, Glaciology and Oceanography

The Geophysics, Glaciology and Oceanography group has broad experience, covering complementary fields in seismic stratigraphy, gas hydrate research, applied geophysics and palaeoceanography. The work of the group is related to the development of continental margins in the north, where easy access and possession of an ice-breaking research vessel (RV Helmer Hanssen) give us a considerable advantage, nationally and internationally.

Leader: Andreia Plaza Faverola
Deputy leader: Henry Patton

R/V "Helmer Hanssen" in Hornsund, Svalbard. Photo: Kai Mortensen

The Geophysics, Glaciology and Oceanography group gathers experts within the areas of applied geophysics, computational physics, glaciology, oceanography and geochemistry. The group has a strong focus on the study of complex interactions between the geosphere, the cryosphere, the hydrosphere and the biosphere, with special emphasis on the Barents Sea, Svalbard, Greenland and Norwegian domains. The group has broad experience with the acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data as well as with field work on glaciers. One of the group’s strengths is the integration of cross disciplinary field data with numerical modeling to study Arctic earth systems interactions. 

Our main research areas include:

  • Ice sheet dynamics 
  • Glacial and subglacial processes (e.g., biogeochemical cycling) 
  • Paleo-glaciology 
  • Fluid flow and hydrocarbon leakage in sedimentary basins 
  • Gas hydrate dynamics and methane release 
  • Neo-tectonism 
  • Submarine slope instability 
  • Mid-ocean ridge fluid dynamics 
  • Micro seismicity in fjords and along Arctic margins 
  • Carbon and hydrogen geological storage 

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