Polar Marine Geology and Geophysics

The Polar Marine Geology and Geophysics group has broad experience, covering complementary fields in seismic stratigraphy, gas hydrate research, applied geophysics and palaeoceanography. The work of the group is related to the development of continental margins in the north, where easy access and possession of an ice-breaking research vessel (RV Helmer Hanssen) give us a considerable advantage, nationally and internationally.

R/V "Helmer Hanssen" in Hornsund, Svalbard. Photo: Kai Mortensen

The university's research vessels and high quality seismic equipment and coring equipment as well as front-line industry processing software (Landmark ProMax) and 3-D interpretation software (GeoQuest Charisma) represent a substantial resource. The group collaborates with colleagues from national and international institutions on cruises and research projects, and hosts scientists from other countries on our own cruises. The margin research of this group has lead to appreciable international co-operation with the Ocean Drilling and IMAGES programmes, research centres in Europe, USA and Russia and with the hydrocarbon industry.

Polar Marine Geology and Geophysics group promotes research on subjects that are relevant for the economical, ecological and social development of northern Norway. Therefore, main scientific targets are continental margin processes, climate change and potential future energy sources such as gas hydrates. Moreover, the group provides first class training to students in marine geosciences with emphasis on marine sediment cores, seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

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Petroleum Experts Ltd. has kindly donated 10 licences of MOVE software suite which has a commercial value of 1.5 million pound.