CLEAR (Cognitive Linguistics: Empirical Approaches to Russian)

Cognitive Linguistics: Empirical Approaches to Russian

The CLEAR group brings linguistics into the information age, with special emphasis on

Clear.jpg Cognitive Linguistics (explanation of language phenomena in terms of general cognitive strategies)
cLearL.jpg (Bredde: 180px)
clearE.jpg (Bredde: 180px) Empirical Approaches (language data and its statistical analysis)
ClearA.jpg (Bredde: 180px)
ClearR.jpg (Bredde: 180px) Russian (the northern language that is also a world language)

We pursue projects of theoretical importance and provide practical solutions for teachers and learners of Russian.

Funding: CLEAR is funded by the University of Tromsø, and CLEAR’s projects are supported by external grants from the Norwegian Research Council, the Centre for Advanced Study, and Sparebankens Gavefond.

The CLEAR group is led by Laura A. Janda and Tore Nesset