War and Peace Dynamics

Welcome to the War and Peace Dynamics Research Group.

We are a group of researchers at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway, many of us divided by departments, but united by a common interest in the diverse issues and challenges related to war and peace dynamics.

It is the goal of this research group to highlight and profile the diverse research taking place at UiT in the area of war and peace, ranging from cultural studies, media studies, security studies and international relations, philosophy, peace studies, and development studies. This website will serve as an information sharing portal for those at and outside of UiT who are interested in learning more about war and peace research taking place at UiT.

The intention of the WARPeD is to profile and promote the diverse research on war and peace taking place at UiT.

Please be sure to check the "Calendar" menu for the next seminar. We hold seminars 1-2 times per month during the academic year.

(The banner photo is of Qargha Lake, a few kilometres outside of Kabul. Taken June 2012)