Marine Bioprospecting

Use a bioprospecting approach on Arctic and Sub-Arctic marine resources to tackle medical societal challenges, in particular antimicrobial resistance

  • Obtain basic knowledge of novel bioactive metabolites/products derived from marine invertebrates, algae and microorganisms like bacteriophages, giant viruses and bacteria.
  • Drug lead discovery and development of antimicrobials from marine resources
  • Determine the bioactivity profile and mode of action of antimicrobial compounds
  • Develop new methods within bioprospecting and biotechnology
  • Use of biotechnology in marine research and industry
  • Use and develop the Arctic Bioanalytical Platform
  • Give good supervision and teaching within research


From left to right: Hymonti Dey, Ida Kristine Østnes Hansen, Andrea Iselin Elvheim, Céline Sarah Marine Richard, Frode Øyen, Klara Stensvåg, Gabriel De Freitas Almeida, Hege Devold, Christoffer Sivertsen and Ataur Rahman. At the back: Tor Haug and Hans-Matti Blecke.