Marine Bioprospecting

The main focus of our Marine Bioprospecting research group is to better understand marine molecules, with a particular interest in bioactive secondary metabolites that have potential in commercial applications. The research that we undertake comes under four of our main cores on interest:

From left to right: Haakon Knutsen, Klara Stensvåg, Christoffer Sivertsen, Céline Sarah Marine Richard, Hymonti Dey, Andrea Iselin Elvheim, Tor Haug, Hege Devold, Hans-Matti Blecke, Ataur Rahman

  • Identify novel bioactive metabolites from marine invertebrates, algae and microorganisms
  • Study mechanisms of action for antimicrobial compounds
  • Study marine microbiota and host microbe interactions
  • Use of biotechnology in marine research and industry