Pluralism, Democracy, and Justice (PDJ)



PDJ specializes in contemporary, normative political philosophy. Taking a problem-oriented approach, PDJ emphasizes the role that political philosophy can and should play in dealing with the real world challenges and conflicts of our time, such as rising economic inequalities, cultural and political polarization, distrust of democratic procedures, extremism and radicalization, marginalization of minorities and vulnerable groups. Our research covers issues of democratic theory, cultural and religious pluralism, migration and integration, human rights, legal theory, capabilities and human flourishing, climate change, global justice and distributive justice. 


In 2021-2025 PDJ hosts a research project on Good Integration (GOODINT): Goals and bottlenecks of good integration and social cohesion (RCN 313846). 


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Group leader: Kim Angell

Vice leader: Kerstin Reibold

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Last updated: December 2022