Smoking and Cancer

The role of smoking, socio-economy and gender in explaining inequalities in cancer incidence and mortality.

Main objective

To prospectively examine to what extent smoking is a preventable cause of different types of cancer and death

Specific Aims

Outcomes currently being studied/under planning provided continued funding.

1. Colon and Rectal cancer
2. Breast Cancer
3. Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
4. Lung Cancer
5. Total mortality

This project will provide more insights into smoking and cancer from a gender perspective as well as more knowledge about sex specific cancers. Our results may be used in targeted preventive efforts locally as well as globally.

P.I. Inger T Gram, MD, PhD, Professor Preventive Medicine

Idlir Licaj, Postoctoral Fellow
Ranjan Parajuli, MD, PhD: defended his doctoral dissertation on 05 June 2014
Eivind Bjerkaas, MD, PhD: defended his doctoral dissertation on 24 October 2014

Hansen Merethe Selnes MD, PhD student applicant started on 01 Agust  2015, project title: 

"Does smoking and risk of lung cancer overall, according to histological subtypes and lung cancer mortality differ by gender in Norway?"

Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway.

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