Research group for Host Microbe Interactions (HMI)

New knowledge of host-microbe-drug interactions for better health! HMI searches for novel and innovative bacterial targets to develop new strategies to prevent and treat infections. We pursue multilevel (resistance gene, mobile genetic element, clone) molecular epidemiological and chemical proteomics approaches to study antimicrobial resistance and colonization/infection determinants in important human pathogens. The relevant targets are validated in molecular and functional assays as well as in animal infection models. We also apply chemical biology techniques to identify biomarkers for molecular imaging of single-cell or subpopulation phenotypes relevant for pathogenesis, virulence, or antibiotic resistance. In addition, we explore the use of genomics and imaging-based strategies in rapid diagnostic microbiology and contribute with MIC- and mode of action assays in antimicrobial drug discovery projects.

Research group leader: 

Professor Mona Johannessen