Russian Space: Concepts, Practices, Representations (RSCPR)

The group is engaged in a multidisciplinary study of Russian attitudes to their own and other people´s /nations´ spaces – including private, public, urban, rural, outer, virtual and shared/contested ones, analysed from literary, linguistic, media, environmental, historical, indigenous, gender, geopolitical and other angles – which can provide insights into the interdependence of Russian space and Russian identity, both at an individual and a state policy level. The group functions within the broad framework of the so-called new spatial history, which “treats space not only as an objectively existing physical reality but also as something subjective and culturally produced” (Bassin et al, eds, Space, Place and Power in Modern Russia, 2010). The group focuses primarily on Russian space as a concept, e.g. through (mental) mapping; on its practical uses, e.g. from a political, economic and environmental perspective; and on its representations in literature, music and visual arts. Research issues to do with the High North are given priority.

The group collaborates with the Border Poetics / Border Culture and ENCODE research groups.