Narrating the Postcolonial North: Travel, Writing, Performance

The research group Narrating the Postcolonial North: Travel, Writing, Performance does research on cultural and ecologically sustainable tourism development, media, and new interaction practices in the Arctic.

The group

  • Studies natures and cultures at display in the north and emerging forms of experience production in northern tourism, media, and creative industries
  • Studies tourism and culture entrepreneurs’ heritage practices (with)in nature
  • Explores intricate processes of tourism via critical and (post)colonial theories and other relational approaches
  • Addresses indigenous and minority cultures, with Sámi and Kven emphasis
  • Develops knowledge on cultural and ecological sustainability and new cooperative practices in the north
  • Acknowledges complex, contradictory, power-related aspects of tourism
  • Explores interdisciplinarity and new academic and mediatory practices in research

Please see Research Projects for an overview of ongoing and completed projects.

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Members of the research group actively communicate our research in scientific publications. We also use other forms of research dissemination, such as films, exhibitions, blogs and newspaper debate articles. Please visit Publication and Dissemination Activities to learn more about the communication of research.