SARG - Sub-Arctic Stone Age Research Group

SARG is a  research group which connects scholars from the Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology and the  Arctic University Museum (both at UiT-Arctic University of Norway) as well as from NIKU (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research) for collaboration on early northern hunter-gatherer societies. The group is lead by Charlotte Damm and Marianne Skandfer. The group receives funding from the Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and Education for the period 2015-2023.

The key aim of the group is to advance research on hunter-fisher-gatherer communities during the early prehistoric periods in the North. The focus in on the period 9500-0 BC, covering the traditional Stone Age periods as well as the early metal using phases.

The objectives of the group are multiple:

  • to provide a forum for high-level discussion of research issues pertaining to the early prehistoric periods
  • to encourage collaboration between institutions
  • to initiate externally funded research projects
  • to re-activate the comprehensive material from development-led excavations in Northern Norway
  • to increase awareness of the northern archaeological material as uniquely positioned to address current international debates
  • to establish a Nordic network Group


The group will focus on a number of interrelated themes:

  • Demographic fluctuations and settlement variability
  • Regional and inter-regional mobility
  • Cultural transmission and social networks


Charlotte Damm