Centre for Arctic and Global Health

Centre for Arctic and Global Health is a network platform that provides support for networking activities and cross-border collaboration in global health, to health researchers, practitioners and educators based in Northern Norway.

We aim to stimulate international and interdisciplinary activities and to keep our partners informed and updated on important findings, events and research opportunities.

Centre for Arctic and Global Health was established in 2016 to support the common vision of UiT’s Health Faculty and UNN for international solidarity collaborations in health research and education. We focus on the people-to-people cooperation in the Barents region, as well as solidarity collaborations with people in a selection of developing countries.

Our definition of global health

Global health is an area for politics, research and practice that promotes sustainable improvements in global public health and inequity. Global health focus on transnational health related problems, determinants and solutions; involves many disciplines within the health sciences and outside, and is based on interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial collaboration in a public health perspective that includes health promotion, prevention and curative approaches.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact advisor Turid Austin Wæhler.


Til tjeneste for gravide i utlandet

Om internasjonalt helsesamarbeid mellom Norge og Georgia. 


Sustainable universities?

How can universities work towards a more sustainable and fair world? This was the topic of a recent workshop for PhD researchers at the University of Tromsø.


Hjertelig utdanningssamarbeid over landegrensene

Hvordan kan økt utdanningssamarbeid over landegrensene bidra til å finne årsaken til den høye dødeligheten knyttet til hjerte- og karsykdom i Russland?


Fra Obamas kontor til UiT – med blikk for verdens helseutfordringer

Read about our guest researchers Nils Daulaire and Mary Taylor and about UiT's ongoing project in Georgia (the text is in Norwegian only, so remember Google Translate). 


Globalt samarbeid gir lokale gevinster

Op-ed in the news paper Nordlys about international cooperation in higher education. Written in collaboration with Kristin Benjaminsen Borch, Toralf Hasvold, Erik Anda, Ingvild Hersoug Nedberg and Tor Gisle Lorentzen from Department of ommunity Medicine, UiT (the text is in Norwegian only, so remember Google Translate). 


Hva skjer med solidaritetsuniversitetet i nord?

How has solidarity marked UiT's work in global health? Read our thoughts about UiT and solidarity in the news paper Nordlys (the text is in Norwegian only, so remember Google Translate). 


Global helse kjenner ikke landegrenser

We're blogging about the importance of discussing global health, also in the Arctic (the post is written in Norwegian - remember Google Translate). 


UiT strengthens cooperation with Russia

UiT has received 2 million NOK to further develop educational activities with Russia.


– 90 prosent av de som dør i krig er sivile

Krigskirurg Hans Husum var stemmen til alle krigsbarna da han besøkte UiT for å snakke om solidaritet. – Krig er et skittent spill som dreper de uskyldige.



Senior advisor Mona Kiil

Advisor Turid Austin Wæhler

Head of centre Inger B. Scheel



Visiting address
Office L10.234
Department of Community Medicine 
Faculty of Health Sciences  
UiT The Arctic University of Norway 

Postal address 
Centre for Arctic and Global Health 
UiT The Arctic University of Norway 
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9037 Tromsø


Centre for Arctic and Global Health work on behalf of the follwing institutions:

The Faculty of Health Sciences at UiT The Arctic University of Norway 

University Hospital og Northern Norway

Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF)

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