Advanced maritime ship operations

The scientific aim of the research group is directed towards a determined striving to be a highly competent team, by using new knowledge and experience. The aim is to create scientific values ​​​​within the field of advanced maritime solutions in order to benefit the development within advanced ship operations.

Advanced maritime operations is today an emerging academic field, where the implementation of autonomous or semi-autonomous control, support and maintenance systems is an attractive solution to increase operational performance and provide safer environment for the people on board the ships, whether it is staff, passenger or cargo to be transported. 

In the long term, fully autonomous solutions will be possible to implement in maritime operations and the development is expected to be performed in close connection with the maritime business, organizations and governmental authorities. (This process is currently ongoing in other areas for example in the transportation or aviation areas). Societal regulations and frameworks from maritime business, organizations and governmental rules will lay the foundation for smart developments of fully autonomous solutions that, for example, makes the crew able to control the ship from on-land command centres.

In a perspective towards high north operations, we aim to be an interdisciplinary team that focuses on nautical- and engineering based solutions. We are aiming towards maritime operations within academic disciplines that contribute new insights and high knowledge in cooperation with the shipping business as well as the academic environment with ship owners, colleagues and students.

The research group will establish new research activities within the area of ​​​​a joint discipline approach covering the intersection between cybernetics, science, physics and nautical operations. This will increase possibilities in designing new applications with focus on the expectations of, and possibilities in a maritime innovation process towards the challenges in the northern areas.

The ongoing developments will promote technology driven innovation and research towards a concept of complex automated systems that can be supporting crew and integrate different information parameters into advanced and coordinated maritime operations tasks.

This thriving force will be the basis for designing new systems that are performing increased safety, reduced environmental impact and achieved new cost effective solutions compared to existing maritime solutions in ship management and operation.


A presentation on the UiT Autonomous Ship programme