Artful Dementia Research Group

The Artful Dementia Research Group conducts research on innovative understandings of ageing and dementia. On the basis of experimental interventions with the creative arts the group investigates other ways of living with and relating to dementia, thereby exploring art interventions as a mode of social science knowledge generation. Through developing a new conceptual repertoire, the group contributes to complementing medical and pharmacological interventions with experimental art interventions that are sensitive to socio-material dimensions of everyday life.

Research activities:

  • carrying out a series of arts interventions (fine arts, music) in everyday life of people with dementia on the basis of a practice-based fieldwork approach
  • analysing the processes the interventions evoke and inquiring into the on-going research process
  • applying theoretical approaches of relational aesthetics and material feminisms
  • developing a theory-methods package from a sociological and artistic perspective


The group is part of the International Research Network Artful Dementia (IRNAD).

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