Behavioral and translational neuroscience

Using a combination of traditional behavioral testing, modern manipulation methods, and advanced imaging, our research mainly focuses on the neurobiological basis of behavior, both in physiological and pathological circumstances.

Our research group consists of researchers with a variety of backgrounds. Since summer 2019, the group consists of two teams: Snoerenlab and McCutcheonlab.


EU funding for Jaume Ferrer Lalanza

We are beyond proud to announce that our postdoc Jaume Ferrer won a very prestigious, EU funded, Marie Curie individual fellowship. With this grant, Jaume will study the effects of junk food on the reward system. In other words, the mechanisms by which unhealthy food modifies our brain in relation to our motivations and rewards


James McCutcheon wins big research grant to start ambitious project

We hadn't even properly introduced the new associate professor of our research group, when Dr. James McCutcheon was awarded a Starting Grant from Tromsø Forskningstiftelse. He will now be able to build his own research team, which will work to find out how animals regulate their intake of protein.


Nordic Neuroscience meeting

Helsinki formed the stage on which this year's Nordic Neuroscience meeting took place. After Trondheim in 2015 and Stockholm in 2017, this was the third time the biennial conference was organized. We were there to present our latest research.



The group:
Eelke Snoeren Group Leader
James McCutcheon Associate Professor
Roy Heijkoop Lab manager
Patty Huijgens PhD student
Indrek Heinla Postdoc
Jaume Ferrer Lalanza Postdoc
Jesper Solheim Johansen Profesjonsstudent
Ole Christian Sylte Profesjonsstudent
Jasmin Wilhelmsen Bachelor student
Former members
Aslaug Angelsen Bachelor student
Thor-Arne Sørlie Bachelor student
Jan Hegstad M. Psych.
Bjørn Skagen M. Psych.
Danielle Houwing Guest PhD student