Behavioral and translational neuroscience

Using a combination of traditional behavioral testing, modern manipulation methods, and advanced imaging, our research mainly focuses on the neurobiological basis of behavior, both in physiological and pathological circumstances.

Our research group consists of researchers with a variety of backgrounds. Since summer 2019, the group consists of two teams: Snoeren-Heijkooplab and McCutcheonlab. The common theme of our research is the brain reward system: Snoerenlab investigates the neural regulation of sexual behavior as natural reward, and McCutcheonlab studies the neural control of protein appetite. 


Research Prize 2023

We are proud to share that our research group has been awarded with the annual Research Prize of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.


What about applying for a MSCA-PF with us?

Are you a passionate researcher at the interface of Machine Learning, Data Science and Neuroscience, whose goal is to advance our understanding of the principles of sociosexual behavior in biological networks?
-> What about applying for a MSCA-PF with us?


Neuron crochet blanket

A few months ago, Eelke was challenged to crochet a blanket with the image of a neuron. That challenge had to be accomplished, of course! Now, four months later, the blanket is really here!



The group:
Eelke Snoeren

Group leader

James McCutcheon


Roy Heijkoop Senior engineer
Patty Huijgens Researcher
Linnea Volcko Postdoc
Mette Kongstorp Postdoc
Hamid Taghipourbibalan PhD student
John Oyem PhD student
Rikke Eriksen Forskerlinje student

Former members
Susana Valente Postdoc
Geed Assadi Staff engineer
Kasper Kjelsberg Staff engineer
John Olav Folstad Bachelor student
Jaume Ferrer Lalanza Postdoc
Bernd Coester Guest PhD
Indrek Heinla Postdoc
Jesper Solheim Johansen Profesjonstudent
Ole Christian Sylte Profesjonstudent
Jasmin Wilhelmsen Bachelor student
Aslaug Angelsen Bachelor student
Thor-Arne Sørlie Bachelor student
Jan Hegstad M. Psych.
Bjørn Skagen M. Psych.
Danielle Houwing Guest PhD