The Population-based Study on Health and Living Conditions in Regions with Sami and Norwegian Populations.

SAMINOR is a large population-based study and one of the most important sources to knowledge of the health and life of the Sami and Norwegian populations of rural Northern Norway.

SAMINOR focuses particularly on the health and life of the Sami and this indigenous perspective makes SAMINOR a unique database nationally and internationally. The Centre for Sami Health Research (CSHR) is responsible for the SAMINOR Study and cooperates with various research teams involved in health research in indigenous communities. The CSHR has partners in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark/Greenland and Sweden.

Two surveys on health and living conditions, SAMINOR 1 (2003-2004) and SAMINOR 2 (2012-2014) have been completed. A third survey is being planned.



SAMINOR is academically affiliated with the Centre for Sami Health Research (CSHR), Department of Community Medicine, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The CSHR is responsible for planning and implementation of the SAMINOR surveys (SAMINOR 1–SAMINOR 3).

The Head of the SAMINOR Study is research professor, Ann Ragnhild Broderstad.

SAMINOR is led by a steering group comprised of representatives from the Sami Parliament, the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority, the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), the Southern Sami Health Network, an employee representative from CSHR, and an external researcher. The Head of The Department of Community Medicine is the leader of the steering group, and the Head of the SAMINOR Study is secretary.

Applications regarding access to data from SAMINOR is assessed and approved by the SAMINOR Project Board (see the menu tab «For researchers»).

UiT The Arctic University of Norway, by the University Director, is Data Controller.


Name of survey

Years of survey

Number of participants 

Age groups



16 865 women and men

30, 36–79 years




Stage 1 – Questionnaire Survey


11 600 women and men

18–69 years

Stage 2 – Clinical Survey


6004 women and men

40–79 years


The overall objective of the SAMINOR Study is to enhance knowledge of health and living conditions in the diverse region of Northern Norway. Important research areas are the prevalence of risk factors and various diseases and their possible causes. The SAMINOR Study is wide-ranging and can be divided into three main research areas:  

  • Physical health and factors affecting physical health. Examples of topics:
    1. Diabetes mellitus
    2. Cardiovascular disease
    3. Blood, iron and vitamins
    4. Health indicators such as body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference
    5. Environmental toxins 
    6. Dental health
    7. Sleep
  • Mental health and factors affecting mental health. Examples of topics:
    1. Suicide
    2. Alcohol and drugs
    3. Depression
  • Public health services. Examples of topics:
    1. Primary and specialist health care
    2. Interpreter services
    3. Referrals between levels of care
    4. Social security services



It is important to share our knowledge with the people being researched. As part of this work, reports have been prepared for all the municipalities included in the clinical survey in SAMINOR 2, showing the results for each municipality. These results can lead to promotion and prevention measures in public health and welfare in Northern Norway. The SAMINOR surveys can therefore be a useful contribution to meeting the requirements of the Norwegian Public Health Act. The results, however, depend on the level of participation; the more people who participate, the more accurate will be the picture of public health in a particular municipality. 

Report to Nesseby Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Tana Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Lyngen Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Storfjord Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Karasjok Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Porsanger Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Kautokeino Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Kåfjord Municipality (in Norwegian)

Report to Evenes Municipality, 2nd version (in Norwegian)

Report to Skånland Municipality, 2nd version (in Norwegian)