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The research group is established to strengthen cooperation between the Sami Law researchers at the Faculty. The subjects of the research group covers more than laws relating to natural resources. Sami Law researchers also deal with questions relating to the right of Sami people to use their native language, the health service and courts of law.

Sami and indigenous peoples law is one of three areas of strategic focus at the Faculty of Law. The Norwegian State has a joint responsibility to safeguard the Sami language, culture and industries, including that the Sami people's traditional land areas are recognised and given legal protection. Within this lie many major challenges of a legal nature.

Through the Research Group for Sami Law, the Faculty of Law aims to produce new knowledge that can contribute to making these challenges more manageable. As well as publishing legal texts, popular scientific literature, textbooks and other knowledge, our aim is to strengthen the research on Sami Law through teaching, purposeful recruitment of researchers and good academic supervision of students wishing to write Master's theses relating to Sami Law.


What is Sami Law?

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