Qiongjie Zhou. Thesis title: A novel risk classification system for preconception health and sero-epidemiological map of Toxoplasma, Rubella and Cytomegalovirus infections among couples planning a pregnancy in rural China: A nationwide study. August 2019. Principal supervisor: Ganesh Acharya. THESIS  

Mona Nystad. Thesis title: Role of Laeverin in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia. March, 2018. Principal supervisor: Ganesh Acharya. Co-supervisor: Vasilis Sitras. THESIS

Marit Osima. Thesis title: Cortical porosity, medullary adiposity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, serum vitamin D, parathyroyd hormone, and nonvertebral fracture. March, 2018. Principal supervisor: Åshild Bjørnerem. Co-supervisor: Erik Fink Eriksen. THESIS

Rita Kral. Thesis title: Cortical bone and fracture risk: The Tromsø study. March, 2018. Principal supervisor: Åshild Bjørnerem. Co-supervisor: Elin Richardsen THESIS

Lotta Herling. Thesis title: Functional studies of human fetal heart with tissue Doppler imaging. April, 2018. Principal supervisor: Ganesh Acharya. Co-supervisors: Magnus Westgren, Peter Lindgren, Sven-Erik Sonesson. THESIS defended in Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Amarnath Bhide. Thesis title: Effect of Hypoxia on fetal cardiac function. August, 2017. Principal supervisor: Ganesh Acharya. Co-supervisor: Juha Rasanen. THESIS

Signe Egenberg. Thesis title: Multi-professional simulation training on postpartum hemorrhage in Tanzania and Norway. A quasi-experimental, pre- vs. post-intervention study. May 2017. Principal supervisor: Lars Edvin Bru. Co-supervisor: Pal Oian. THESIS

Åse Lillian Vårtun. Thesis title: Dynamic functional assessment of maternal hemodynamics in human pregnancy. September 2016. Principal supervisor: Ganesh Acharya. Co-supervisors: Purusotam Basnet and Kari Flo. THESIS

May Wenche Jøraholmen. Thesis title: Surface modification of liposomes increases drug efficacy in local vaginal therapy. May 2016. Principal supervisor: Natasa Skalko-Basnet. Co-supervisors: Purusotam Basnet and Ganesh Acharya. THESIS

Stine Andreasen.  Claims for compensation after alleged birth injury in Norway. A study of obstetric claims to the Norwegian System of Compensation to Patients from 1994-2008. September 2015. Principal supervisor: Pål Øian. THESIS

Nils Thomas Songstad. Cardiovascular adaptation in pregnancy: Effects of angiotensin II, transverse aorta constriction and high-intensity interval training on pregnant rats. September 2014. Principal Supervisor: Ganesh Acharya. THESIS

Mona Stedenfeldt. Obstetric anal sphincter injuries: Risk factors, episiotomy characteristics, and pelvic floor dysfunction. November 2013. Principal Supervisor: Pål Øian. THESIS

Lotta Halvorsen og Hilde Nerum. Phykiske belastninger ved svangerskap og fødsel: Med fokus på fødselsangst, ønske om keisersnitt og tidligere seksuelle overgrep. March 2013. Principal Supervisor: Pål Øian. THESIS

Stine Bernitz. Differentiated birth care for low-risk women: Medical and economic perspetive. March 2013. Principal Supervisor: Pål Øian. THESIS

Alice Beathe Andersgaard. Eclampsia, maternal deaths, and hypertensive diseases of pregnancy and long term maternal health risk. November 2011. Pricipal Supervisor: Pål Øian. THESIS

Perinatal front.jpg (Bredde: 180px)

Kari Flo. Maternal systemic haemodynamic and placental circulation in the second half of pregancy: A longitudinal study. September 2010. Principal Supervisor: Ganesh Acharya.

Martha Hentemann. In vitro preimplantation embryo development in the mouse model up to blastocyst stage: Implications for human IVF. April 2010. Principal Supervisor: Kjell Bertheussen.

Tommi Vimpeli. Fetal cardiac output and its distribution to the placenat and brain at 11 to 20 weeks gestation. September 2009. Principal Supervisor: Ganesh Acharya THESIS

Vasilis Sitras. Gene Expression of Profile of Normal and Compromised Placentas. June 2009 Principal Supervisor: Ganesh Acharya THESIS


Toril Kolås. Cesarean deliveries in Norway. Indications, complications and neonatal outcome. 2008. Principal Supervisor: Pål Øian.

Ellen Blix. Innkomst-ctg. En vurdering av testens prediktive verdier, reliabilitet og effekt. Betydningfor jordmødre i deres daglige arbeid. Principal Supervisor: Pål Øian.

Ganesh Acharya. The Umbilical Circulation. A Doppler Ultrasonographic Study. June, 2005. Principal Supervisor: Torvid Kiserud.