About the Research Group


The Neuromuscular Diseases Research Group is comprised of members from the previous Neurological Department, Pathological Anatomy Department, Department of Medical Genetics and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

The team consists of 18 members including four in the regular full-time positions (2 Professors and 2 Senior Engineers) and 6 PhD candidates and eight adjunct positions (2 Adjunct Professors II, 6 Associate Professors / university lecturers II). Neuromuscular Research Group possesses extensive expertise and a wide range of research projects - a total of 15

Six of these projects involve at least two of the disciplines of neurology, pathology and genetics. The project portfolio ranges from purely clinical studies to basic molecular studies of disease pathogenesis. Research Group members also belong to the Neuromuscular Centre (NMK) at UNN.

Long-term goals

Research group members are associated with national Neuromuscular Centre (NMK), UNN. Many projects initiated as a result of clinical and diagnostic issues dealt with in this forum. We wish to take advantage of the complementary clinical and technological expertise in pathology, neurology, genetics and rehabilitation to conduct good basic, clinical and translational research. We will increasingly seek external collaboration, including internationally, furthering our expertise. We will continue to focus on the design of good project proposals to increase the proportion of external financing.