Symposia, conferences, workshops, courses, screenings, lectures, lecture videos and other activities arranged by the Border Poetics group and cooperating partners.

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Resisting Extractivism in Border Zones: Art and Protest from the Arctic North to the Global South, Tromsø 15-16 November.

Conference program now available!


Book Launch and Seminar Border Aesthetics: Concepts and Intersections, Tromsø 15-16 May - programme

Guest lectures by Sándor Klapcsik and Zénó Vernyik, in cooperation with the ENCODE research hub, Tromsø 10 February, "Language Differences and Home Visits in Accented Cinema" (Klapcsik) & "Migration and Minority Existence as Motives of Terrorism in Arthur Koestler’s Thieves in the Night" (Vernyik) - announcement - abstracts



Paper Session on "Cultural Borderscapes" at EUBORDERSCAPES Conference III "Borderscapes and Beyond: Change and Continuities in Thinking, Writing, Making Borders", Barcelona 28-30 January - programme

Participation in EUBORDERSCAPES Final Project Conference, Berlin 26-27 May - programme



Guest lecture by Johannes Riquet, Tromsø 8 April, "Bordering on Infinity: Islands, Trains, and the Geopoetics of Space" - announcement - abstract

Papers session on "Border Crossing to a New World Order: Working with Border Aesthetics Theory" at Association of Borderlands Studies Annual Meeting "Border Studies and the New World (Dis)order: Relating Theories and Practice", Portland 8-11 April - programme update

Participation in EUBORDERSCAPES meeting, Villard de Lans 18-19 May

Papers Sessions on "Migrant Writing and Popular Culture" and "Art and Cultural Representation Across Borders" at EUBORDERSCAPES Policy & Impact Conference "Borders and Bordering in Contemporary Europe", University of East London 10-12 November - programme


Research Seminar "Borders and Landscapes: The Edges of Allegory", with guest Tim Saunders, Tromsø 31 October - announcement

Seminar with Mari Ristolainen, "Displaced Borders: The written traumatic borderline between Pskov Province and Chechnya", Tromsø 4 September - poster - NB! the seminar will take place in room A3018 (not A3108)

Meeting with Victor Konrad, past President of the Association for Borderlands Studies, on the Borders in Globalization (BiG) project and developments in the study of border culture, Tromsø 28 May

International Seminar on Liminality and Text 7: Genres, Media and the Liminal, Tromsø 12-14 May - programme & abstracts 

Guest lecture by Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Tromsø 18 March: “The Aesthetics of Borders: The Politics of Geo-Creativity” - text seminar 19 March - info



Papers at “Travelling Narratives: Modernity and the Spatial Imaginary” conference, University of Zürich, 29 November-1 December - info

Papers at “Border Code” conference, Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland, 6-8 November - info

Discussant presentation at "antiAtlas des frontières" conference by Johan Schimanski, "Representation-Fiction at Borders", Aix-en-Provence, 30 September-2 October - info

 Watch lecture video (production: antiAtlas des frontières)

Guest lecture at University of East London, by Stephen Wolfe, “Edge Writing: Imaginary Geographies of Waiting at the Border”, CMRB - Centre for research on Refugees, Migration and Belonging, 30 September - info

Guest Lecture by Mischa GabowitschTromsø September 16: "The Russian Protest Movement"

 Watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

Re-Aligned Art symposium days, "Can we Get Past the ‘Post-’?" & “Re-Aligned: Politics, Art, and Protest”, Tromsø Kunstforening & Centre for Peace Studies, co-arranged with various partners, 15-16 July - programme

Papers at “Mapping Conceptual Change in Thinking European Borders”, European Border Studies Conference, Bergamo 3-5 July - programme

Participation in EUBORDERSCAPES workshop, Bergamo 2-3 July

EUBORDERSCAPES Work Package meeting “Frontières et cultures”, arranged in cooperation with CNRS-PACTE, Grenoble 22 May - programme

Guest lecture at University of Copenhagen, by Stephen Wolfe, “Waking the Dead – Bordercrossings, Memoryscapes and Righting/Re-writing History”, Crossing Borders, TRAMS Seminar Series, PhD School at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Copenhagen, 16-17 May

Guest Lecture by Holger Pötzsch: "The Emergence of iWar: Changing Perceptions of Military Engagement in a Post-Broadcast Era", London South Bank University, Centre for Media and Cultural Research, April 15, 2013. - info

Guest lecture by Diana Brydon, Tromsø 5 March: “Autonomy, Transnational Literacies, and the Planetary: Emergent Cultural Imaginaries for Research Engagement”, text seminar 6 March: “Taking Responsibility for the Human Sciences” - info

watch lecture video (production: UVETT) - read lecture text

Chto delat? / What is to be done? "A Border Musical" première at Barents Spektakel 2013, 6 february, in cooperation with partners including the Border Aesthetics project. - web page - trailer - newspaper - also shown later at the triennale Bergen Assembly 2013.

Continuation of Filmborders in Joensuu, arranged by the research project "Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders" (WTCB), VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies, & North Karelian Regional Film Association. - programme

Papers at "Relocating borders", EastBordNet Conference, Humboldt University Berlin, 10-13 January - info



Participation in EUBORDERSCAPES workshop, Barcelona 2-4 December

Lectures by Holger Pötzsch at "Data, Memory, Territory" international symposium and postgraduate masterclasses, University of Western Sydney, 26-28 September - info

Keynote lecture by Stephen Wolfe at "In, Out and In-Between: Dynamics of Cultural Borders", V. Autumn Conference of the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory, University of Tallin, October 17-19 - info - special issue of Folklore - interview

Filmborders 3: New film series arranged by the Border Poetics/Border Culture research group. Every second Monday 1830 at Verdensteatret Cinematek. First screening 10 September: The Piano with introduction by Stephen Wolfe - documentation

Border Aesthetics Project internal workshop, Sommarøy 8 September

Conference "Border Aesthetics", Tromsø 5-7 September - documentation

Graduate course: Border-Crossing Narratives, Tromsø August-December - course page

Participation in EUBORDERSCAPES starting meeting, Berlin 18-19 June

Participation in Disorientation workshop, a cooperation with the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, Amsterdam 15 June - info

Guest lectures by Chiara Brambilla and Reinhold Görling, Tromsø 29 May (text seminar 31 May): Chiara Brambilla: "Shifting Euro/African Borderscapes: Experiences, Policies and Representations at the Interface of Euro/African Border Nexus" - Reinhold Görling: "Crossing the Border: the Event, the Sovereign, the Subject, and the Social" - info - small version

watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

Test lecture and doctoral defense, Holger Pötzsch, Tromsø 19 April: lecture "The War Film Genre, and the Differences and Similarities between American and European War Movies" and defense of dissertation "Between Constitutive Absence and Subversive Presence: Self and Other in Contemporary War Film" - info lecture - info defense - dissertation text online

Participation in 6th International Seminar on Liminality and Text, LIMEN research group, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 16-18 April - info

Lecture by Johan Schimanski at the Finnmark International Literary Festival, Kirkenes 1 March - info

Guest lecture by Camelia Elias, Tromsø 15 February: "The Way of the Sign: Cultural Text Theory in Two Steps" - info



Border Aesthetics project awarded the research dissemination prize for 2011 by the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education at the University of Tromsø - news item

Symposium "Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the Concepts of Liminality and Alterity", International Symposium and PhD course, arranged together with Comparative Indigineity (KURF) research group, November 9-11 - call for papers - open lectures with abstracts - open lectures times - full schedule - abstract book

Guest lectures at North-West University, Potchefstroom by Johan Schimanski, October 18-19

Guest lecture and introduction to film showing by Lene Johannessen, Tromsø October 5-10: “’Perpetual Progress’:  The American-ness of Drude Krog Janson’s A Saloonkeeper’s Daughter” - info

Lene Johannessen watch lecture video (production: Stian Andreassen and UVETT)

Filmborders / Filmgrenser film showings (second series) with introductions at Tromsø Cinematek / Verdensteatret September-December 2011. Eight film showings with introductions from participants in the Border Aesthetics research project, with financing from the Research Council of Norway. - documentation

Keynote lecture by Stephen Wolfe at "Words and Worlds: Transculturalism, Translation, Identity", a NORDFORSK Symposium Arranged by the Nordic Network of Literary Transculturation Studies, Helsinki 26-28 August - info

Keynote lecture by Stephen Wolfe at "Theories of Borders", Working seminar organized by research project “Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders” in co-operation with VERA (University of Eastern Finland) at Mekrijärvi Research Station, August 22–23 - info

Guest lecture and seminar by Anna Reading, arranged together with CEPIN, Tromsø May 8: "The Six Dynamics of the Globital Memory Field: New Media, Memory, and Politics" - info

Anna Reading watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

Border Aesthetics Project internal workshop, Norwegian Institute in Rome, May 26-28

Scapes research seminar at Radboud University Nijmegen by Johan Schimanski, May 13

Seminar on Borders Research at UiT / Border Conversations with Chto delat?, arranged together with Oslo and Tromsø Art Academies and Pikene på broen, Tromsø Art Academy May 6 with Chto delat? artist talk and film screening at Verdensteatret Cinematek May 5 - info

Guest lecture by Mireille Rosello, Tromsø April 6: "The Vulnerable Participant Observer and Native Informant: 'Gadjo Dilo' and the Representation of Roma-French cultures" - info

SALT lecture at University of Uppsala by Johan Schimanski, March 24 - info

Guest lecture by Mari Ristolainen, Tromsø March 16: "Faceless Gatekeepers? Russian Border Guards' Poems Online" - info

Guest lecture by Urban Wråkberg, Tromsø February 23: "Assessing the Barents Region: Contemporary Contests and Alliances in Cross-Border Communities" - info

Wraakberg2.jpg watch lecture video (production: UVETT)



Conference "The Island and the Arts", The 7th Biannual Conference of the Nordic Irish Studies Network (NISN), hosted by the University of Tromsø in cooperation with the Border Poetics Research Group, Culture Ireland, the Norwegian Research Council and the Irish Embassy, Tromsø December 2-3 - with 5 papers by the Border Poetics group - call for papers

Writing competition: Литература без границ ("Literature without Borders"), a writing competition in the Murmansk region organized by the literature portal, the Border Poetics research project Border Aesthetics and the University of Eastern Finland research project Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders - deadline November 11

Video link-up to seminar "Boundaries in and of Literature", Grensprojek/Boundaries Project, North-West University, Potchefstroom, October 28

Symposium "Challenging Colonialism and Homogenizing Modernity": Theory, Methodology and Literary Analysis, arranged together with the DINO (Diversity in Nordic Literature) network, Tromsø October 6-9 - with 4 papers by the Border Poetics group - call for papers - programme

Conference Panel "Sea Borders in English Literature", with keynote by Stephen Wolfe (also panel co-ordinator), at conference "Navigating Cultural Spaces: Images of Coast and Sea", University of Kiel, 1-3 October

Guest lecture and introduction to film showing by Henk van Houtum, Tromsø 27-29 September: “The Abducted and Gated Europe” - “Welcome Europa” (Bruno Ulmer, 2006) - info

Filmborders / Filmgrenser film showings with introductions at Tromsø Cinematek / Verdensteatret September-December 2010. Eight film showings with introductions from participants in the Border Aesthetics research project, with financing from the Research Council of Norway. - documentation

Graduate course: Border-Crossing Narratives, Tromsø August-December

Guest lecture by Camelia Elias, Tromsø 28 April: "Double-Forked Artifice: Nietzsche’s Dynamite" - info

Elias.jpg (ungsinn: 130px) watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

Guest lecture by Reinhold Görling, Tromsø 8 February: "Borders of the Human: On Vulnerability and Violence" - with internal research group workshop following - info

Reinhold foredrag.jpg (ungsinn: 130px) watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

Border Aesthetics Project workshop, Barents Institute, Kirkenes 5-6 February, alongside Barents Spektakel 2010.



Grensprojekwerkswinkel / Boundaries Project Workshop, North-West University, Potchefstroom 13 March, participation by video link.

Guest lectures and film showing by Mieke Bal, Tromsø 13-14 January: "Borders between Disciplines, Cultures, and People" - "Video, Migration, and Heterotemporality" - "Becoming Vera" - info



Group member presentations "Grensens Poetikk" at Ordkalotten International Literary Festival, Tromsø 1 October - info

Conference "Cultural Production and Negotiation of Borders", The 2008 European Conference of the Association of Borderland Studies, University of Tromsø/Barents Institute, Kirkenes 11-13 September - documentation

Guest lectures by David Newman, Tromsø 10 September: "The Concepts of 'border' and 'Territory' in a Borderless World" & "Territorial and Geopolitical Dimensions of the Israel/Palestine Conflict and Peace Process" - info

Newman.jpg (ungsinn: 130px) watch lecture video

Film screening and guest lecture by Cecilia Parsberg, "The Making of 'A Heart from Jenin'", Tromsø 28 August - info

Graduate course: Border-Crossing Narratives, Tromsø August-December

Guest lectures and film screening by James Der Derian, Tromsø 13 March: "Beyond Terror: Creating a Global Security Agenda for the 21st Century", "Global Media, Infoterror and the Culture of War", and film "Culture of War" - details

Transdisciplinary meeting for border researchers at the University of Tromsø, 12 March



Project Meeting for European network partners, Vienna 19-20 January - practical details



Graduate course "Border-Crossing Narratives", Tromsø August-December, with guest teacher Jopi Nyman, 9-10 October

Guest lecture by Yoko Tawada, Japanese/german author and writer on poetics, "Where Europe begins", Tromsø 6 October in cooperation with the Ordkalotten International Literary Festival

Workshop "Borders & Literature", Glamorgan 29 March, in cooperation with the Centre for Border Studies, University of Glamorgan - invited speaker: Rüdiger Görner



Seminar "Borders Differences Distances", Tromsø 10-13 November - invited speakers: Claudia Egerer, Wolfgang Müller-Funk - info

Graduate course: Border-Crossing Narratives, Tromsø



International symposium "Border Poetics? - A Comparative Perspective", Tromsø and Sommarøy 10-12 November - invited speakers: Jane Aaron, Debra A Castillo, Claudio Egerer, Reinhold Görling, Rüdiger Görner, Malene Vest Hansen, Lene Johannessen, Svend Erik Larsen - documentation

Doctoral course "Borders and Frames", Tromsø and Sommarøy 9-13 November - documentation

The Border Poetics / Border Culture research group at the Faculty for Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Participates in the projects Border Aesthetics and EUBORDERSCAPES.