Biological Data Processing Systems

The big data era in molecular biology has created exiting potential for novel biological discoveries, but also exiting challenges for computer scientists in data management, processing, and visualization. In the next decades there will be developed sophisticated bioinformatics methods and framework to analyze and explore the information in the data. However, these will require development of novel infrastructure systems targeted for bioinformatics data and methods.

The goal of the computer science research at the Center for Bioinformatics is to build and experimentally evaluate infrastructure systems that support the methods under development by our biology collaborators. We are designing and implementing systems for big data  storage, interactive analysis, and large-scale visualization. We are primarily interested in improving the scalability and interactivity of bioinformatics analysis methods and frameworks.

We combine experimental computer science with real problems, applications, and data obtained from our biology collaborators. We focus on distributed and parallel systems, including high-resolution visualizations.

For additional information please contact the prinispal investigator: Lars Ailo Bongo (, or visit the lab webpage.