International and national collaboration

We have ongoing international and national collaborations with several researchers and institutions

Collaborators in the UK (since 2011):
- University of York, Department of Sociology, UK
- University of Liverpool, Institute of Population Health Sciences, UK
National collaborators:
- University of Oslo, Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences 
- University Hospital of North Norway, Barne- og ungdomsavdelingen, Tromsø

Our collaborative research covers a wide range of topics:

1) NEGOTIATING ILLNESS NARRATIVES IN MEDICAL ENCOUNTERS IMBUED WITH UNCERTAINTY - a narrative exploration of 212 GP consultations (more information under the heading "Research interests" here)

2) TEXT-BASED REPRESENTATIONS OF CANCER; a study within the project RETHINKING CANCER SURVIVORSHIP - exploring the foundations of research on how humans experience and voice cancer in a Norwegian context, started in 2019 (more information available here)

3) GEOGRAPHICAL INEQUALITY IN OUT-PATIENT CONSULTATIONS for children with digestive and neurological conditions – a cultural perspective

Further details in personal websites.