UiT School of Business and Economics Working Papers in Economics

01/2019 Creating Balance in Dynamic Competitions, Derek J. Clark & Tore Nilssen

02/2019 Social Identity and Risky Leisure Activities in an Elitist Social Group – Implications for Welfare and Policy, Andrea Mannberg & Tomas Sjögren

03/2019 On Migration Dynamics in New Economic Geography, Stein E. Østbye

04/2019 Scraping the bottom of the barrel? Evidence on social mobility and rural-urban migration in nineteenth century Norway, Mikko Moilanen, Sindre Myhr & Stein E. Østbye

05/2019 History versus expectations in economic geography: An experimental analysis, Iván Barreda-Tarrazona, Tapas Kundu & Stein E. Østbye


From 2020 this series can be found here.